So many bugs since last update!

These are glitches I have noticed only since the latest update:

  • map does not load drops/dinos. I have to restart the game to fix it usually. This time I havent been able to see a dino or supply drop for 14 hrs. Multiple restarts of game, phone, made sure everything was up to date.

  • lagging while firing darts.

  • not being able to click on supply drops that I can see.

  • alliance chat won’t let me scroll up/down. It jumps to the end of the chat. This makes it impossible to claim my donated dna.

  • dna donations disappear on chat before being claimed.

  • battles freeze, forcing me to restart game and losing 3-4 turns.

  • battles will boot me out, claiming I lost mid battle. If I restart the game, it brings me back to the battle that I “lost” but again, I have missed 3-4 turns.

  • attack moves in battle do not show up. Sometimes it is missing one move, sometimes it is missing all and will only give me the option to switch dinos…

  • friends who I know are on do not show up on my friends list as on.

  • friendly battle challenges do not go through.

  • game often has issue connecting to server

  • game often says a new update has been added and game needs to restart… like 5 times a day.

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This one is new too,happen only once

both draco and utarinex in battle I lost 5 matches today because of these bugs

Most are well known old bugs. Alliance chat is bugged since its introduction.

Map sometimes glitches. Cleaning cache and restarting phone usually helps.

Only new is JWA needs to be updated bug. After any connectivity issues that message appears and require game restart.