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So many changes yet the rat problem remains


Seriously, it’s getting ridiculous and their solution of “predicting when the opponent will use it then swap out and use our NEW swap in distract” is ridiculous.

Anyone who says predicting Dracoceratops is how to defeat it just wants to keep using it. I’ve predicted its use before, swapped to another dino, no Draco came and BAM, I’m hit twice anyway and pretty much dead because that’s what happens when you swap. If you DO predict correctly everyone just says “Oh, he’s easy to kill.” Yeah, if you have the right team and if you crit that may be the case. Is he unbeatable? No, but he’s WAY too powerful for what he is.

There’s ZERO reason why they couldn’t have taken away Rampage and just made it a 1x damage hit that breaks through a shield. Heck, make it 1x damage that breaks through a shield and now cloak, since those powers were added to the game.

But 2x damage just makes him way too annoying. I created this account after months of dealing with the rat problem, hoping that 1.7 would bring a fix. Hell, I still think 2x damage is ridiculous for a SWAP IN, but even if in the worst case scenario they left that in…why did they not add a delay to his regenerate???

I just played someone who had a level 24…obviously dumped loads into it because the rest of the team was in the 20 range, so no matter which dinosaur I swapped to and hit with my biggest move, the person would just regenerate out of reach of it, swap out, and do it again. They won 3-0 and it had nothing to do with skill, or me lacking knowledge…I predicted every swap, changed to a full health dino each time, and still couldn’t kill the guy because he was out of reach.

Give that regenerate a 1 turn delay and you’ll see a LOT less rats running around, and that’s how it should be. It shouldn’t be auto-swap over and over. I’m already dreading posting this because I know WAY too many people actually like this stupid dinosaur and use it because it’s broken, so they’ll just say L2P or counter it properly, blah blah blah, completely ignoring what I’m saying.

Every dinosaur doesn’t need a nerf, some get nerfed too much, but this guy wreaked havoc for an entire patch and looks to continue to do the same – if not worse thanks to damage boosts and such – for an entire other patch because Ludia didn’t want to make one super easy change be it damage or a delayed regenerate…just exhausting seeing that little f’r charge out every other fight just because he’s a broken dinosaur that ironically many who would say I’m whining only say so because they use him and would cry even harder if a rightful change did happen.


Totally agree the rat is a cancer and needs a fix once for all


Agree 100%. Had similar match today with opponent just regenerating and swapping back in every time. That’s not how battles should be played. I’m fine with end surprise but not repeated abuse of swapping in. Add health boost and this is going to be an even bigger issue…


How many creatures have a Swap In Attack? There is basically a “swap in” type of every other ability, so there HAS to be a Swap In attack. Not gonna say I like it, but it has to be there.


There is a special place in hell for this guy!


I agree with original poster’s suggestion of adding 1 turn delay to regenerate. At least make them work to do the repeat swap in


Yep, and that picture is just day one! Absolutely insane they ignored such a talked about issue with such easy fixes.


Swap in attack would be fine…that’d be a 1x damage type situation, which I said was all good. I also said breaking a shield and cloak on top of that 1x damage would be totally cool. But Swap In Shield Breaking RAMPAGE (2x damage) is way too much if they’re also able to regenerate instantly, thus rendering his “lockdown” pointless.

It’s been said loads of times that he needed a nerf, but I think most expected some sort of adjustment to be made in 1.7 and it was completely ignored to the point where it’s going to get even WORSE this entire patch thanks to health boosts and attack boosts.

Making it 1x damage instead of 2x damage is a fix, or simply adding a 1-turn delay to her regenerate is a solution, yet neither happened this patch. I have no idea at all how at least the 1-turn regenerate delay wasn’t added.

I won’t over-dramatize and say that this is game-breaking, but it’s to the point where it’s so broken that it’ll make people want to play less, and if it continues to get worse – which it will – then that’s clearly a major issue with such a simple fix it’s mind-boggling it wasn’t done in 1.7.



A good rat is a dead rat. Nerf. Too easy to level up this. I have proof. And now boosts…


You can all make it. 1.8 nerfs are at least 2 months away. So what happens now is purely the consequence of your choices.


Just stop whining

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I m not willing to pay money to get a nerf on a dino that gets useless with 1x dmg…


I mean no disrespect, but there’s nothing new here. You know people will just say “the same blah blah blah” about dealing with the rat… well, you’re saying the same blah blah blah of complaints about it… I still believe a nerf will come, but until then, we have to adapt and overcome it.


Again there should never ever exist Sawp in moves with more then 1x damage.