So many darts, so few dinos


The drops are everwyhere and one gets loaded with darts but where are the dinosaurs? Far and few in between. Ludia, get more dinos in and a bit more variety as well. How many Apatosaurus & Stegosaurus dna does one need? I already have 40,000+ of each.


There does seem to have been a recent reduction in the number of dinosaurs out there.


When I first started playing more than a month ago, I used to run very low on darts that I had to choose which dinos to hunt. I am still darting every dino I can find within my range but nowadays I usually have lots of darts remaining. One thing’s for sure is that either the countdown has been shortened, or the dinos are more erratic in their movement or there are less dinos. I used to be get 13 darts in easily on a VIP account but these days I can barely get 11 darts in.