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So many dinos are immune to deceleration, why not indo2?

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Oh god please no

Indoraptor g1 could be, it’s a unique after all


Did you really just ask this? Is this is a joke or a serious suggestion? I mean no offense but I legitimately want to know if you actually believe this would be balanced. Indoraptor G2’s only legit weakness is decel.

It is already a tyrant tier legendary, possibly the best dino in the game. Removing it’s biggest weakness would not be a good idea.


That is what I am wondering as well.

I agree. I also think it needs shielding added to it’s Cautious Strike, as Indoraptor was very crafty and able to defend itself.

Additionally, I think it needs ferocious. Indoraptor was very fierce and could kill anything.

Also slowing, because it could easily immobilize dinos.

Also .33x DOT, because it had very sharp claws.

Also armor piercing, because Indoraptor has it, so it’s only fair for IndoG2 to have it.

Also defense shattering, because IndomG2 could do it, so it’s only fair IndoG2 can break shields too.

Ehhh maybe swap prevention immunity too, since it’s too agile to be pinned down.

Oh, and it absolutely needs immune to DOT. It had hard skin and it makes no sense for daryx and vexus to be able to attack it.

There, that should do to the trick. Hopefully IndoG2 will finally be viable in competitive play. But maybe another buff will be needed down the line.


indo2 can’t beat phorusaura, smilonemys, spinoconstrictor, mammotherium, utarinex, ardentismaxim, geminititan, and tenontorex. my suggestion is NOT a joke.

you can see top people are dropping ZOR and INDO2. they did that after serious calculation!!!

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decel is basically the only thing that allows someone to play around CS. removing that would unbalance it terribly. (more so than just CS itself)

anyway, if we give it immune to decel, then we have to take something away from it. that could be lessening its moves or more than likely stats.


indo2 has 8 counter dinos…it’s outdated if not buffed with something to keep it survive

Some people drop Indo G2 for the same reason I don’t use procerat or dracoceratops. They are controversial rats. Due for a nerf, after people spend all their boosts on them. Or they drop it because the lack of resources to level it.

Very few high up people use phorusaura, mammotherium, utarinex, and tenrex. Ardentismaxima and Geminititan can kill it but that’s obvious because tanks kill speedsters… (They are a little OP ngl). Spinocontrictor was built in a way that it was literally meant to kill indoraptor g2. Oh and by the way, if used properly and with a little dodge luck, indo g2 beats out tenrex and utarinex.

I myself am also an indoraptor g2 user. But I don’t ask for it’s buffs because I know it would cause an extreme inbalance in the game.


Use mutual fury lol

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8 counter dinos that 85% of the playerbase doesn’t have/doesn’t have at a useful level :roll_eyes:


Agreed. And half of them have no viability in this meta other than countering indo g2


Id use that instant rampage bird but i fear it gets nerfed and a hybrid. Lesson learned with monomimus lol


That’s not enough. It needs more.

It is one of ludia’s mascot. And as such needs more health, attack and speed and maybe 80% crit.

We need to put this dino on its rightful pedestal.


Its needs instant definite persistent shattering rampage lol

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Why not 100% stun chance on cautious strike while we are at it? It is so scary its foes just get paralyzed forever.


How long did dracoceratops lasted until they removed swap in rampage?

(I’m trying to guess when will indog2 be nerfed)

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I believe it was 3 or 4 patches. But halfway through it did get shattering removed. We should be due for an indo g2 nerf soon, unless Ludia wants to profit a little more off of it

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Oh, don’t forget 60% rending attack too, indoraptor was very strong, it would make sense

For way too long is the simple answer to that.

And the same will happen to the IncomeRaptor gen2 because there will always be at least one Dino that keeps the cash rolling in.

It’ll be even stronger when armour and crit boosts are added, and I’m guessing that won’t be far away now