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SO many firsts in the last three days!

First time I haven’t had any battle incubators going.
First time I haven’t gotten all my daily coins and cash.
First time I didn’t use up all attempts in event creatures.
First time I stayed at home in the evening instead of going out hunting and spinning.
First time I didn’t grab my phone as soon as I woke up to get my daily battle incubator.

OH! First time I didn’t finish the daily missions, either!

I wonder what other ‘firsts’ I’ll achieve as ludia continues to “improve” the game?


So funny - right there with you @Tuco

If you’re not boosting where is the motivation for the daily?

Have not been going into the arena recently either. The two times I did it timed out, so that tells me others are not as well.

LootZa? I am pretty sure at this point that you broke your little dinosaur game.


Not buying… free boosts? Oh yeah. They get used.

Edit: I’ve got to keep working on this mean little bugger -


one of theses can throw off your opponent. ( i sometimes forget it’s immune to DoT)
had a match today where they brought it in against my thylo’s lethal wound. (would’ve hit their stegod) Took a bit to take down.

Wow - love it @Tuco!

Have only used a few of my boosts (all free), but have not used any recently. For that? Yeah, I probably would!

Yeah a game being a total dumpster fire being mismanaged into the ground tends to do that to ya.