So many Kapros, but are Megalosuchus and Spinotasuchus really worth pursuing in new meta?


Megalosuchus lost defense shattering attack.
DoT is less threatening because so many more dinos now can cleanse.


DoT is actually very helpful. It’s a specialty move and you have to know when and where to use it.


Most dinos can be useful at high levels… so it seems… the thing is in this meta there seems to be a counter for each class of dino, not just for a single one lol so yeah they’re useful, but not against everybody… just like raptors now arent useful against everyone, and how tanks arent always gonna win either lol even stegodeus who possibly is the strongest atm, there are ways to “counter” him.
Just have to know how to use each dino, know every dinos skills (so when your opponent brings one out, you know what it can do against you and work around it) and as always… have some luck ;p


I really wanted the spinosuchus with its nice speed, but now those tanks and their cleanse are making me reconsider.