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So many unused dinosaurs

since I hit 1700 elo nearly every opponent has a indominus Rex gen 1 or 2, I’ve climbed to 2800 but at the cost of all the fun being sucked out of PVP. Lots of frustrating questions like: Why does indominus have the so many diverse immunities? Why am I being matched up against 2-3 legends when my team is all epics aside from one? Is it going to get better as I climb ranks or am I going to start seeing even more / more than one indominus per match… because if that’s the case I’m Disinterested in playing just to cater my team to a counter meta, I wanted to invest in dinosaurs that were interesting / favorite hybrids, but that seems further and further fetched as I climb ranks.

TLDR: I don’t mind losing, but it gets very boring to keep seeing the same one trick dinosaur in every match.

because its so powerful in a movie probably

ludia’s amazing matchmaking

I don’t know how lower arenas are now a days, but I didn’t see many in lockwood estate and I hardly see any in aviary soo that’s all I got

And you can do this, I think it may prevent some arena progress, but it can work out well, but idk
I am sure @MINMI can explain better since he has a very nice and different team


I might just drop down a couple arenas to see the condition of the lower arenas, also because I am tired of the aviary. I’ll tell the condition of the lower arenas to you then

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Thanks @Snake_Dude,

You can basically get a non-meta team to mid library I would think. Using a meta team will no question accelerate your trophy count faster than a meta team, but if you are like me @max_meyer and just care about having fun you will much prefer using cool/fun creatures.

However I must warn you, if you do decide to use non-meta creatures @max_meyer you’ll need them 22+ just to get them into aviary, and I can not even imagine how many levels/boosts it would take to get into library. I’ve been in aviary for a ridiculous amount of time with these creatures, so be prepared for some grind.

Anyway hope this summary help @max_meyer, best of luck