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So, Matchmaking changed again

Facing monsters at level 30, getting my butt kicked and losing 40 trophies every time. I’m in free fall here. And when I manage to win, only 20 for me… I hope the change is for the best, but you could at least give us a heads up! Damn…


yeah players in my team have noticed that the win to lose ratio has changed dramatically with regards to trophies lost and gained. ever get the feeling Ludia just tweak things randomly and hope for the best haha.

Seriously, why dont they just go back to trophy count only. its pointless to arena drop now with sanctuaries giving DNA without the effort. and the results of this new match making has a way more negative affect on players then the areana droppers did


welcome to the club. :hugs:

i reached 5250 right before update, and was experiencing finally a more balanced matchmaker, winning and loosing and keeping from 5100 to 5200.

and my loosing was my bad (strategy things) or some teams slightly better than mine. winnings were good too, by 1 move or my good choices.

now, right after 1.9 battles feeling like 1.7.

miserably lost to 4800 trophies facing bizarre lvl 28 thors, lvl 30 stegos, lvl 27 trykos, etc.

just unbeatable even if i could choose my 4 dinos.

are we gonna be punished again? :sob:

Lost two in a row. Luckily my third battle was with AI. I wasn’t getting the proper counters, but I did notice a loss of only 20 trophies the one time I paid attention.

Honestly so far for me match making at 4800 has been the best since 1.6… the vast majority of my matches have gone down to the last dino with most fun ive had in some time.

I didn’t notice anything strange. There was a lvl 24 Thor with over 2K damage, but other than that, most matches went pretty well provided I got my best lineup.

I’ve gone down 500 trophies. Was at 5410 down to aviary now. But still facing trophy counts of high Lockwood according to the recent opponents. Good times. Games always streaky tho. Sure if I spend a couple boosts I’ll magically go back up lol

I “only” lost 300 trophies, but it was 40 every time. I had never been through that before. Even stopped battling for the day after finally getting my incubators. I’m not even mad, 'cause those freaks that ran over me really should be ahead of me… Now I hope I’m where I belong when I go back so I can face things at my trophy level.

Me & my team have noticed a difference too. I’ve dropped 400 facing ridiculous teams. Back to loosing 40 or close to it & gaining 25. It’s just not fun to battle that way. Almost got to 5300 before the update. I don’t mind dropping arenas when I just suck but it’s not fun to hand over trophies to another player that has a team average 6 to 7 lvls higher than mine. My team is slowing down on battles for missions because nobody wants to battle so that makes me more upset than anything. Would have been nice to have a warning

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I didn’t notice any changes yet in the mm xD been the same stuff. DC lvl 30 swapping in and out with lvl 28-30 thor or Tryko. Only change I noticed is players using yoshi, meh. My trophies didn’t change much till I literally gave up fooling around and dropping on purpose still only dropped about 100 trophies. I already stopped paying attention to how many trophies you gain/lose so not sure about that either.

Okay just did a few battles because this post. I mostly dislike doing 12 because I work all day and have to cram them in. I’m fine with doing 3. Maybe matchmaking did change, it’s too soon to tell.

Look at this team that has reached lockwood library already… This team isn’t even ready for library, yet because of that mm they’re able to slither past beast teams (like the ones I face Lvl 28-30’s with t7 boosts).

In the last patch I would of never seen a team like this they would just face other teams close to there strength and rarity and go above me without even facing me or the beast teams I faced. They’re probably on there way down to where they belong lol.

There team

My team

I obliterated this player without even trying. Meanwhile they have seen Library and I have not.

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I was in upper Library (5400-5500) and now I’m at lower Library (5100-5200), after all that beating, I’m starting to face weaklings sometimes too… There’s this guy I faced that for a moment there I thought I was fighting a bot. Similar in level, but way too weak in boosts.

its probably part of their algorithm. top players have to have “losing streaks” so you can then face mid level players, forcing them to drop and face lower ranked players. creating a chain of losses to push people into spending to try and climb back up


next month Apple is releasing ‘Arcade’. For less than it costs for VIp with this game you get access to loads of games that have no in-game purchases. its the way forward. hopefully everyone here starts realising Ludia only want your money and will leave for more progressive gaming solutions


We said many times, did ludia listen?
Oh they listened, what they did is “We heard your feedback and rebalanced Pteraquetzal”. wtf


I REALLY wish Ludia would stop their predatory tactics! Losing streaks aren’t RNG. They’re designed to make you desperate enough to spend, spend, spend on all maxxed boosts in an effort to reverse those losses. Well, that crap doesn’t work with me! I refuse to be suckered into throwing money away on pixels. Games are supposed to be FUN, yet time after time this one causes rage, anxiety and depression. If it weren’t for my love of the Jurassic Park/World films I would’ve kicked this trainwreck of a game to the curb a long time ago!


Well said and spot on. ^


This morning I was getting trounced by teams with level 30s in them.
My highest level dino is 24 and I’m in upper Aviary (was in lower Library a couple of weeks before the update).

I’ve started matching teams closer to my level, but it’s still a grind - get paired with absolute monster teams every 3rd match.

I can only assume they’ve tweaked the levelling system and my team is no longer up to Library standard (it’s been ages since I levellec up a dino or apllied boosts - was saving for the update).

It must be a high level / high end thing. I’m sitting in Jurassic Ruins and I think the balance has become a heck of a lot better.

I just had a mach that had me facing a lv 30 boosted Tyrannolophosaur. I’ve never had to face lv 30s before. Usually for me its between 24-26 and maybe a 28 DC.