So much negative comments i would like

To share some positive.

I have been playing this game each day and really enjoying it. My team is 7 or 8 and my 2nd strings are 6. I have bought vip and recently spent $10.00 on some gems.
People complain a lot but i came from lineage 2 revolutions. This is a massive brutal p2w game. Here i lead a top 10 clan for 2 years but i grew exausted. I like this game and i truly think the money invested is pretty meager.
My one gripe is the matching up for pvp is oretty bad. Recently my level 7 team faced a level 9 and 10 team. It was not fun. But whatever you cant win them all.
I hope Ludia releases more dungeons and bew fun things to do. It would be nice to have another thing to do and maybe let us go back to earlier areas to farm. Anyways great job Ludia.

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I’d have to agree. All I see is complain for every aspect, the game is Free! Like you I spent $30 for that welcome package and I’m yet to hit any paywall. I can do challenges and basically grind the dungeons with out gold issues (I can do 3 dice rolls almost 90% of the time). I get it the progression Is SLOW but that’s fine with me. I can’t remember how many games I’ve quit in 5 min because of “Auto” play or you just keep progressing rapidly with no end in sight.

I believe these guys are doing a good job. This is a slow and steady progressing game. Nobody is forcing anyone to play it, if you dont enjoy it simply move on…

Here’s a simple grind video:

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I agree on gameplay…however. ludia really need to upgrade their servers. Loading times are way too long. And I regularly get “check your connection” on a note 9…with a 300 meg connection.

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I have the same phone and connection. I dont get that issue. That sucks its happening to you though.

The game deserves the negative comments, and every complaint I’ve read is valid. I like DND and I like these type of games, but Ludia’s business model is outside the framework of which I and others like me are willing to invest. For me, I’ve dropped money on games like this when I like the IP (Marvel and Star War games most recently), and I’d be willing to drop money here because I like the IP … if they fix issues.

On an unrelated note, I’ve noticed a few “stop complaining about the game” threads pop up within a relatively short time frame of one another. Seems … coincidental.


Anyone who is in the “stop complaining, it’s free, hurr hurr” mindset logs in once a day for the free challenge, and then out. Because if you’re not paying, you’ll end up caught up in the gold grind at level 5 and completely unable to progress. Challenges will deplete your gold almost as fast as leveling up your heroes.

The game has zero sustainability.


VIP is a must, other than that, you don’t need to spend extra to be sustainable, but it is still very grindish.

Don’t upgrade all equipment for xp, store up common and rares to sell to supplement gold supply.

If you don’t want to pay for VIP, than I can’t imagine how frustrating it would have been.

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So you are basically admitting there is a pay wall.

Totally agree there is. I was saying I can’t imagine the game without VIP.

Anything extra spent from VIP is more than needed and inefficient for the money.

I don’t mind a game designed to last, but I do agree the progress curve is steep, and the vip cost is too high for what it should

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My only concern with game is Arena, Once opponent is found the server logs me out when I log back in battle just about over and most of my heroes are dead this happens a lot so far I have lost 149 points due to unexpected log out.

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