So much sadness

It’s unseasonably warm out, so I decided to go get some tenontosaurus…except my phone company is having data problems this morning, meaning I can’t do any hunting. To add insult to injury, there’s an epic T-Rex outside. Sort yourself out, O2!!! :rage: Sorry, just felt like venting.

Same here :frowning: thank god for wifi at work :joy:

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Yep - UK phone network is a mess today; missed out on a T-Rex G1 and G2; can’t hunt Tenonto and there’s an unfinished strike event with only 2 hours to go … :rage:
I feel like I’ve lost a limb :sob: (apologies to anyone who actually has lost a limb)

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Just had a T-Rex Gen 1 turn up within wi-fi range :slight_smile:

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I feel the pain, missed a Baryonyx this morning and just had to scrape a tree that was on the boundaries of Wi-Fi and darting range lol…

O2 need to pull their finger out.

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Oh no!! I haven’t even bothered opening the game since. I’d rather not know what I’m missing.

The tree I just realised I scraped was of course a T. rex lol

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@Ryan_Haines … I was hoping that was the case.

3 battle strike event just closed; only did one battle - didn’t hang around last night because I knew I would have time this morning :sob: first one I have missed completing (or at least trying in the case of some of the epics) in months.

“data problem” and “cant do hunting”. then how do u know “there is a trex outside”? sounds antagonist…
unless u are actually telling that u are in an isolated local wifi area, and notice that trex

Well I was at my house, so…yes?

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That sucks. Do you have any friends with mobile hotspots you can borrow??

Nope. I might try again after supper, but today has essentially been a write-off. Oh well.

Sorry to hear, hope they fix you up soon :wink:

I lost an epic postimetrodon this morning so I feel your anguish.

Wasn’t a connection issue, just those really stupid strike tower bases ate it. You know, the ones that Ludia are ignoring and refuse to fix. /sadface, #fixyourgame

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You can view further than your darting radius, I could see the rex from inside the office which was outside of my darting circle while linked to the office Wi-Fi but could not get close enough to dart it without leaving the building…

What he said :arrow_heading_up:
Still not working … all those Tenonto I could have caught :sob:

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I had to have my screen repaired on Sunday. I played on my tablet using hubby’s hotspot, and it was awful anyway. Hope they fix your service soon.!

Everyone who’s on the o2 network when it comes back on make a complaint to them about this because you’re paying for a service you’re not getting tell them you want compensated for this outage and if they refuse tell them you want to escalate you’re complaint to they’re manager. Don’t take no for an answer don’t let them fobb you off this is they’re fault not Yours

Also if they still refuse tell them you will be making a complaint to ofcom