So my 5 year old son decided to play my game


He did so as I slept… had 40k coin and about 600 or so bucks and about 18 dinos to level up… woke up to 900 coins 50 bucks and 12 dinos to level up… the little turd didn’t even level up good dinos lol


I play with my 5 year old daughter, and I’ve been there… lol.

Took her a minute to understand why I didn’t want to level up that common, she didn’t get that it’s DNA is what was being used in the fused dinosaur she was fusing for me. I think she’s kind of getting it now.

She loves to turn the sound on and go through the collection and make them roar, and loves taking pictures with the AR dinos.


That’s fortunate that no real damage was done…


Exactly like now you have tons of dinosaurs and don’t know where they came from! Cough cough iTunes or google play


You need to send him on mission to catch not to lvlup :slight_smile: