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So next week might be North America theme

I guess we’ll be getting Dracorex (unless they just put G2 ones in common and other stuff in rare), Ankylo, Diplodocus and Brachi in Epic.

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From memory darting was Africa/Australia and incu N America


Common:Sucho, Majung, can’t remember the rest
Rare:Spino, Girafatitan, Marsupial Lion
Epic: Kentro, Alanqa

N America

Common: No memory. I guess Allo, Stego
Rare: Draco, Trike, something else
Epic: T-rex, Stygi, Diplo

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Darn, I was hoping for darting dracos, but incubators will do, especially if epic incubators are around.
Africa/Australia darting doesn’t have anything of interest for me.

Brontotherium was on the commons

Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s the Africa/Australian one. Saw a leak somewhere with Alanqa and Kentro as the Epics.

Darn. I hope there’s some interesting stuff though.