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So no one will say anything? seriously?

ludia promised many things, but I don’t see any of them, I keep seeing the junk pairing, I keep seeing how smilonemys and spinocostrictor are forgotten and they play blind

I understand perfectly that they can’t do everything, but … benefit magna instead of constrictor? seriously?


I mean, idk, kinda said what I wanted in the release notes but I’ll sum it up here. The update for me is good but then again is meh. New boss is going to be weird, idk about creatures or epic sunday requests, got no comments about sancs, kinda upset about continental spawns, and just meh with nerfs and buffs.
Really just hoping this is true:

With arena fix, bug fix, and creature reworks


It annoys me how they keep kicking the “big balance update” down the road with every update. But overall I’m not disappointed. Besides them just not doing much balancing in general, I don’t see any reason to get upset at them for not doing any specific balance changes or adding certain creatures or features.


I don’t hate the update. I wanted a Poukan buff, and I got it. But the part that amuses me is…

I can’t say I saw any, other than Ento and Poukan, that were underperforming? Most of the dinos they altered were perfectly fine as they were.


Most of the changes were with the crit reduction resistance, which is more of a bug fix because of how the interaction was working. So the big changes did focus on the underperformers.


I don’t feel like it’s a bad update, but they were able to focus on what people asked for over a year ago, I mean, they prefer to taper the crit reduction instead of nerfing woolly rhinoceros, they prefer to make continental creatures instead of optimizing the application, in my point of view, I have the right to be upset by a bad execution

They literally offer us 1/4 (maybe less) of a good product


You just have to find satisfaction at some point. And if you’re not, that’s ok. But if you find disappointment in what they don’t do, you’ll always be disappointed, because they’ll never be able to do everything in every update. It’s kind of like proving a negative. They could add or fix basically everything, and people would still complain that their favorite dino didn’t get added.


It is more than obvious that not a month is enough for a single update, but there are many more things that are worth it, the only redeemable thing of this update is the epic Saturday

I see your point, but I tend not to sympathize much with people who always ask for more. Last update people were upset that there weren’t any new dinos and not enough rebalancing. This update we got new dinos (actual dinosaurs), and big buffs for three of the worst uniques, but it still isn’t enough for some people. They want different dinos, new modes, different balance changes, etc. Obviously the game always has bugs that need fixing and stuff, and the big balance changes are long overdue, but we can still appreciate what gets added instead of only completing about what doesn’t. I’m not saying you’re doing this, but I’m amazed at how entitled some people can act about what they think deserves to be added to the game.


some people like you know how to see the positive side of everything, but definitely not me :joy:
I feel like I look like a nonconformist but there are things that really needed to be fixed and I had faith that 2.6 was that light that many of us needed, I will have to accept 2.6 whether I want to or not

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Thats true. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed about certain balance changes not happening, but it’s not going to ruin the update for me.

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now I will have to have faith in 2.7 to see if wooly rhino is fixed


I really hope they do, even I’m losing my patience with some of these :sweat_smile:


Or monolometrodon

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To be fair, I really do think that the rework we genuinely need requires a complete reevaluation of how the Resistances are handled in order to completely balance the meta in a way that doesn’t one sidedly favor one class over the others, because let’s be frank, the name of the class may have changed but Resilients have always been a problem ever since the introduction of Ardentismaxima, and arguably since the days of the original Stegodeus.

The continental spawns are an absolutely abysmal idea though, and I’m hoping it doesn’t spread to older dinosaurs; can you imagine how difficult it’d be to level up Diorajasaur and Tuoramoloch, two of the most useful Uniques in the game, for anyone who doesn’t live in China, just because that’d be the only place where Toujiangosaurus could spawn if it became a continental spawn?


Yeah, we’ll have to see just how big the changes that we have coming down the line really are.

I’m basically looking at the continental spawns as event exclusives. At least there’s a chance of your alliance mates may donate some, but I’m guessing we’ll have to wait for events to get our hands on them. It’s not anything new, but it is disappointing. They aren’t worse than event exclusives, but they aren’t much better either. I don’t want them to become more prevalent, because we don’t need a bunch more exclusives, even if they aren’t called that.


Ah, when you put it that way, it makes sense.

I keep forgetting crit reduction is even a thing (not because mine don’t work - it’s because I barely ever see anything with a cunning or crit reduction move these days).


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I feel bad for the people behind the ark sanctuaries. The continent exclusive dinosaurs would make the process more complicated.