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So no one will say anything? seriously?

Actualy, i’d say they are much worse then execlusives (tho my self i don’t realy see problems with execlusives in the first place)

And it’s spesificly cause everyone will generaly have the same accesability to execlusives when they’re in events, which is not true for continentals, and lets be honest when those 3 get hybrids theres no way ludia will make them about equal in strength

I’d honestly be fine with them if they rotated every month like locals do

Something like stegoceras goes to Asia, Africa, Oceania and the middle east(i’m not the best at geography but i thought that was a part of Asia), struthiomimus goes to the Americas and rhinchenia goes to Europe

So same as locals the spawns would rotate every month, and not like randomly shuffle(like stegoceras would sudenly be on the same continent as rhincenia or soemthing, but again just as locals in a set pattern)

Basicly u have those 3 spawns
(Asia, Oceania, middle east, Africa)
(North America, South America)

And then the stuff from the Americas goes to the east, the stuff from the east goes to Europe, the stuff from europe goes to the Americas

I hope i explained it well enough so people actualy understand


That makes sense. I guess I should specify that in terms of simple availability they’re the same as exclusives. But since different regions have access to different dinos, and not all of them are created equal, the balance inequality manifests through their availability. It’s like one region has access to Diplodocus and another has access to Haast Eagle. People in the Diplodocus region are going to on average collect as much Diplodocus DNA as those who live in the Haast region collect Haast Eagle DNA, but the Diplodocus DNA is going to have a much greater utility, and THERE lies the inequality. It’s very likely that one or more regions is going to be at a disadvantage depending on which dinos/their hybrids is the best.

I’d personally love to see the continental dinos rotate, but given that this would de-incentivize DNA trading, I don’t think Ludia would do that very often (if at all).


What I was expecting from this update was big balancing changes at least (like I have with all of the past few updates because they keep saying it’ll come), and I’m kind of neutral to everything else. Didn’t get that, so I’m disappointed.
Also I was expecting Andrewtodon to be actually good, but they really messed it up :man_facepalming:

They really need to address stuff like speed ties and the trophy system though, because those are just broken and seriously degrade the experience of the game, instead of adding useless new stuff. I think the logic is pretty simple there.


Yeah andrewtodon confuses me. It’s like they went out of their way to make it bad. Surprisingly low armor, no deceleration, really slow, etc.


Actualy it’s problably gonna be able to kill lower hp stuff with that counter followed up by an impact, tho i do think it needs more armor

The only thing i have to say is that I’m angry about the new continental creatures because i am not able to get stegoceras and rinchenia until somebody from my clan who lives tv there puts them in a sanctuary or until there is a strike event. Otherwise the only thing i don’t get is why they buffed monolorhino but didn’t do anything about metrodon and rhino although people want that since like 6 months. Besides i wonder what’s the next hybrid tournament since we basically have all

The Monolorhino “buff” is a buff in the weakest sense. All it means it means is that it’s 5% crit chance can’t be lowered. That won’t affect it at all. It’s more of a fix related to how the crit reduction resistance was working before (where any crit reduction resistance in the game below 100% didn’t do anything), and you’ll notice these are most of the changes in this patch. It has nothing to do with Monolometrodon or wanting to buff Monolorhino.

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Alright. But i think there’s probably a big mega nerf coming in the next major update wich is probably the reason of their letter that we should expect more since the last three updates

All of its Impacts can be shielded against, and only one bypasses armour. Combined with an attack stat of 1300 that seems unlikely unless it gets lucky

That means, there were more things that could have been focused, I’m sure that a certain amount wanted more creatures, but another certain larger amount wants a solution for the speed loops or trophy system and that the latter has been asked for a long time

Ludia did say that they are working on 3 different versions of the game at any point in time though, which means that these new creatures and mechanics don’t necessarily indicate that the important issues are being ignored. I guess the important stuff is just taking a long time :confused:


Wait can we really not get a creature unless we go to another continent, cuz the only reason places I’ve ever gone to is like 10 states and Canada. I highly doubt I’ll level those creatures a lot

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Sanctuaries, events and DNA donations are the only way to get DNA from the other ones. Maybe incubators too.

#Ludia I had HIGH expectations for Antarctovenator… it’s such a weak little thingi that Unique. Diplovenator is better then Anterctovenaror.!..

I think it can one shot stuff tho with vulnerable + rending takedown crit tho right? 90% hp (vul + rending takedown) + crit is over 100%?? Seems kinda wild. I have no idea how it’ll perform but being the first creature with a way to one shot sounds kinda nuts

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