So now that SpinoG2 has Defense Shattering Rampage

Can we give Erlikospyx Definite Rampage? Please? Preferably out for Debil Distract, and change Precise Rampage for Precise Pounce to retain good t1 damage and keep the ability to distract.

Erlikospyx really needs all the help she can get at this point. She’s a shadow of what she used to be. Can’t counter erlidom anymore, doesn’t do much against all the immunes, and if you want a utility dino, there’s little reason to chose spyx over say, Magna, or IndoG2. I think this just opened up an opportunity for a buff.


Nah, I’d say nerf some of the Immunes and rework the partials. Also buff some of the creatures that were nerfed. The effect on Spyx will be similar, but one fixes the game, and the other fixes one dino.


That’s not gonna happen. People have demonstrated they value their immune dinos over a fun and diverse game. And even if it did, Spyx should still get this buff. It deserves to be one of the best dinos in the game given it’s difficulty to obtain and level.

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This is about Ludia, not the players’ preferences. Also, if they value their Immunes so much, why would they agree to this? Spyx would do much better against the Immunes with this buff.

It’s not that they want nothing to beat them, it’s that they don’t want any change to the way immunity works. I ran a poll on this. Overwhelming majority didn’t want a change, and that was a fairly small sample size.

And I didn’t say any change to the way Immunity works was necessary. I just said that some of them should be nerfed.

Fine, whatever, but buff spyx too. There’s more of a chance for it than ever now with SpinoG2 having DSR and Onyx having DR.

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what about raking claws?

Eh, Raking Claws is just Precise Rampage with a delay. Not really optimal imo.

raking claws removes dodge. seems more fitting to a theri model creature.

Spinonyx was sort of the poster boy of the Rending+Precision+Definite update, so it got all the abilities (at least, that’s the way I see it).

Spyx with Definite Rampage would be too much imo, but I see what you mean.
It could get a version of Raking Claws with no delay, perhaps.

Or maybe Definite Speedup Strike, Speedup Rending Strike or just plain old Minor Rending attack, to make the chickens more diverse.


Sure, but there’s also a delay. Meaning Spyx can’t hit semi hard (it’s attack isn’t too stellar to begin with) on the first turn, which is a crippling nerf.

Agreed. It’s sad that dino is so weak compared to other unique speedsters. It would help if they buffed her HP and maybe changed precise rampage to definite rampage. Maybe swap in distraction would help a bit?


Probably not the thing is it like fast, your can’t slow, it can distract you and ands speed up giving definite it too much

I like Qwa’s suggestion of a non delayed version of Raking Claws. Remove the cloak, but not shields.

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Like you look at its sister even though erlidom could theoretically go they armor that basically make soo broken; giving spxs that sure make it good but it be way too good( but thylo can go thru shields and bleed) ya but it depends on opponents helath; it can also be slowed, bleed, distracted and has very low base attack

Seriously? It’s not even that fast. 3 top tier dinos are directly faster than it, it’s a tie vs erlidom which is actually loss since it gets one shot, and IndoG2 can buff it’s speed. Plenty of things can distract it before it can pop off a DR. In no universe would it be overpowered.

unlike the two new hybrids that both have definite rampage. unlike spyx, they can’t be distracted.


True but the things that can distract are raptors, proRAT, and dilorach;

We don’t need another Unique Tankbuster. Definite Rampage wouldn’t fit what it is.

Magna, Maxima, Gemini, Dio, Tryko, Rhino, Mammo, Indo, Thor, Grypo and Tenrex are all tank-busters.
That’s 11.

Add to that Entelomoth’s Unique, and some of the other Legendaries.

Waaay too many.

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