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So now we have a peculiar tournament trophy system?

How on earth is it possible to get the lowest trophy per win from those who are above me? 20! Try not to be skeptical but I had lost more than 20 to the same group of people.
Is it intended as such? Interesting, since I also lost 34 to people below my rank. So apparently no, it’s another myth yet to unveil.
Please explain why it has been like this.


It’s probably because you don’t see their real trophy count… which could be several hundred lower, thus awarding you less for the “easy” win.

Yeah something is definitely off with the trophies awarded and lost with this tourney. Between me and T we are winning more when the other is lower. At my or his high point we shouldn’t win more from the lower. And the lower is winning less from the higher. Even after multiple resets and allowing the LB to reset we are still seeing the same thing

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Glad the person with highest trophy comes out and point out the stupidity of current trophy calculation.

Their rank is irrelevant. This was happening during the last tournament too. I lost 40 to someone who was ranked #2 while i was 20+ ranks lower than them. The medals are not paying out correctly. Its like there’s a set amount for certain players, or it’s random. There was someone i battled a lot last tourney and the medals given/taken were always 20. Even if we went back and forth with 4 or 5 in a row. It doesn’t make sense that it was always the lowest amount possible. If you get 20 from someone you just beat, you’ll lose 40 if you lose to them the next match. That is not what is happening though.


Can you top guys tell ludia dev to take a closer look at the code?
I guess it’s due to how they calculate team strength because I don’t remember there’s such issue back in the old days.

Yep, noticed that too. I think they got it backwards (wrong sign in a formula sonewhere).

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There team strength calculations have always been off and they should just remove it because it’s too hard to be exact in strength in this game. It should never be a factor.

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Happened to me in the tournament just now! I won against someone who was among top 20 and I wasn’t even on top 50. Won just 20 medals… I even waited for the leaderboard to update and the person was still in front of me. That’s BS… something is seriously wrong.

With a skill tournament such as this, how on earth do you not just get the 30 win 30 loss score for every match up?

Everyone is equal for goodness sake!

Same chance no matter what level you are, so if it’s going to be a skill based tournament, make it so by stopping this ridiculous 20/40 win loss ratio as it makes absolutely no sense at all.

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I have a theory that “team strength” (which in this case should be equal or maybe have very minor differences due to team rarity) takes into account our actual dino level and/or boosts (even though we play with 26 unboosted).

@TeaRekz @Idgt902 Has your experience suggested anything for/against that theory?

I use three epics. And if I remember correctly, the opponent also used three, maybe four, but not more than that, which wouldn’t be enough for this much difference

Yes, there’s definitely something wrong, we just have to figure out what exactly and hand it to Ludia on a silver platter if we hope for it to ever get fixed.

None or very little difference is how it SHOULD be. My theory is that actual levels and boosts may be taken into account when calculating team strength. When they shouldn’t be taken into account at all.

It won’t get fixed- it’s weekend in Canada.

I think so too. They are accounting for our actual levels. Anytime the first place player is getting more than 20 trophies for a win. Something is off. But I’ve yet to get more then 30 for a win

I literally have zero boosts in these legendary apart from monostego(even that is underboosted in my trophy range). And there was a time on Friday where I took monostego off my team yet it just didn’t stop the 20 streaks. Feels like ludy just simply get it the other way round. When I beat and get beat by a high ranker, result in +20 or -40.

Last but not least, if team strength is taken into account, I deserve all these juicy +40s, given I have the puniest DC among those who unlocked😋 jk jk

My DC is lvl16, 100/100. (Damn campaign mission :man_facepalming: )

Messing up is a feature now.

JWA helped us to be a better person… I like your turtle btw!

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It is always a challenge to battle u!

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