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So now, who will be faster than my DIORAJASAUR? :D


Definition of putting all ur eggs in one basket lol. Congrats tho. Hope you’re enjoying it. Im enjoying mine :+1:t3:

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The real answer is every dinosaurs that was originally faster then them eventually. Like the 130 speed thors… this spot of being fastest is temporary. Enjoy it while it laste because it will be short lived.



why make a counter attacker quicker? now your id goes before trykos also.


yeah dio is a defensive dino, not super important to be crazy fast.
i did boost it’s attack, so now it’s 1300 which is nice.

Only reason I could see speed boosting a counter attacker would be to land this asap.



Speed boosting dio actually hurts it against tryko. Because u instant distract 1st they instant distract 2nd. Now you’re screwed left there distracted and he’s coming with a full force rampage.


as i stated above^^ :grin:

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I never in my life thought I’d say this… but… nah. Nevermind. Can’t do it.

Here’s the better take - anything that has two instant moves doesn’t benefit as much from a speed boost as something with no instant moves. Why? Because two of it’s moves are already fastest in 95% of circumstances. That said, things that have slowing moves like SS need to at LEAST be speed boosted to 117. Though this is a little over that.

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who will be faster than your diorajasaur?
well se about that with Alita, soon

Nah I fought this thing earlier, barely won…


The speed is to secure the fast landing of ferocious strike, which is hurt~ It is actually a rampage move for 2 to 3 turns already (combine its definite counter attack) :wink:

That’s mine. :wink: Was a fun game!!

Edited: Nope. that isn’t mine. wow. Someone else did this too. Well that’s interesting.

I didn’t catch the name. This one was level 27, he hit FS killed 1 dino, then I brought out my Tenonto he used R2C and then DSR and I got lucky he didn’t crit, was left with 14 health! But that thing is Def a beast!

Yeh, mines 30 and i didn’t use all damage/health buffs on mine. Just speed.

Gotcha, yea this guy went all in on it…

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yeah i’m speed boosting tryox too. like 175k and it’ll be 30. 160 speed seems a little excessive though at the expense of boosting others.

but to be able to revenge kill and almost always be faster, then ideally faster than whatever gets brought in an one-shot it. full HP and 2 opponent dinos down :yum:

i love dioraja.


A boosted Erliko, Dilo, Indo, and magna off the top of my head…
Why did you do that?

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Great dino NOW !!

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