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So, people got the Dakotaraptor Strike twice

While I couldn’t get even one cause I haven’t seen ANY in sight not even in the horizon… Don’t have a car available atm and city is in code red because of the pandemic so won’t go out walking around just to look for a freaking event… I’m going to the market in the morning and I’ll have to HOPE I see one anywhere close to it…

Another job welll done Ludia… both in Strike distribution and for giving it to others twice.


Ludia don’t care cus according to them no one should of got it twice this is direct from Ludia when I questioned them since i couldn’t find a single strike in 30 miles

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Yes, I ended up facing the strike thing twice and got 400 nightfury dna lol


One strike had a Deinonychus and one had a Velociraptor. Already thought it was kinda strange but didn’t think too much of it. Do agree that the distribution could be better. Maybe rotating the stops every 3 hours or so would help? I already notice them shifting around sometimes but greatly increasing the speed at which they do might help more players get a chance to find all the strike events.

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Yeah, many people in my alliance got that incubator twice.

I had written several times to JWA Support because of golden towers being really really bad spread and the answer was: it is not my problem, manage yourself, we won’t compensate (not literal words…).

15k extra coins are really useful
200 extra darkoraptor helps quite a lot.

Edit: people in FB groups have been able to do it 3/4 times

Someone said in the oviraptor thread (when released before time), there wasn’t much difference if someone got X DNA before others…

The point is Ludia is messing things continuously and people getting benefit from this issues while others don’t.


have found the second incubator.

suppose you still have it a bug? ludia trolling?

Hmm good job

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Managed to find one just before the reset.
VERY sparce distribution.