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So people ignoring me now?

I guess nobody want help or support my post ideas maybe i shouldn’t have log in the forum :confused:

No one is ignoring or at least I don’t think that’s what is happening.

I don’t know some of my two posts got no reply

I think people reply if they have something to contribute.
I read your post about having a possibility to get more DNA. Since I do not have this problem I did not want to object.

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I didn’t have anything interesting to say. Everything is harder for us to get and Ludia want to keep it that way. Nothing will change.

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I would not totally agree.
VIP points are much easier to get, same for DNA and dinos. Great food trades are offered from time to time.
Only dinobucks seem to be harder to collect. But, to be honest, my amount of dinobucks did not decline since they disposed trades for bucks.


I wasn’t ignoring you buddy, but a sincere tip ; don’t post things like this… it comes off as so desperate, needy, and I’m sorry to be harsh but pathetic. I swear I’m not being " mean"… saying that might make me the jerk… but I am only trying to bluntly get my thought across. I dunno your current situation, what your going thru, or age for that matter… but I can’t think of a scenario that would justify me posting what you did as a self respecting individual. If your lost or lonely ect, message someone privatelu to talk, hell I’ll listen or talk to you if your in need… but in closing you can’t try to guilt trip a whole forum community ( of strangers whom do not owe you anythibg, much less a reply) over what could be perceived as a self confidence deficit or perhaps need for human interaction. Sorry if upset anyone with this post, but that post made me cringe, it made me uncomfortable, It tried to force guilt on me and everyone here without valid cause.


Thanks for your advise i understand😊


Truly wasn’t trying to hurt feelings. I probably should have just said “Some things are better left unsaid” … I Just felt compelled to say my piece. And maybe I should listen to my own advise. Hope there’s no hard feelings.