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So Poukadei is pretty awful

I was really hoping to use her on my team, but… Dang.

Attack isn’t that great (I know it says “higher than average”, but it’s still fairly bad), and the moveset that we knew - Evasive Strike, Fearless Flap, Distraction, Instant Distraction, all of them can be countered with one single move. Resilient.

Seriously, even my Utasinoraptor can at least use the Instant Charge to fight back, poor Pouka literally cannot do anything and only has 1x damage attacks to fight with (not very cunning, if you ask me). Not even sure what the point of having evasive strike is when FF does the same thing only guaranteed for 2 turns (after which the cooldown is over, perhaps you might need a single distraction in there).

I know we could get a hybrid (although Alankylo begs to differ), but Pouka seriously needs a 2x damage move. Even at level 20, the Deino ingredient packs more punch with pounce at level 15!

Otherwise, we really do need more chompers that CANNOT lose distraction on the playing field. I can only think of a handful of dinos she can beat with the movesets we’ve been seeing lately.


I think it was designed as a raid creature. Definitely not up to the rigors of the arena.


I’m goofing around with it in PVP for a bit because I’m in love with it’s design. Yeah it’s not amazing but it’s good at annoying people lol.


I would at least replace Distraction with High Pounce. It won’t help against resilients, but will make it better. Don’t forget, one if its components is exclusive, so it should be pretty good.


Think of the potential in Mortem raids though.

That’s true, but people are already using Haast gen 2 to the same effect. Doing 2x damage every so often wouldn’t break it. I don’t see why this guy being good is a problem.

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Distraction to High Pounce
Speed 131 to 132


Sure, why not.


If It had ar least pounce in place of distraction It would be decent


I feel like they made Fearless Flap so strong that they can’t give it anything else without it being overpowered. I would be ok with Fearless Flap losing damage in exchange for Poudaikei getting high pounce. I was honestly surprised when I found out Fearless Flap did damage after I read the description.

I think it’s because FF is 100% countered by resilient moves - the dodge is removed and the critter is slowed. Just like CS. At least then it stands a good chance against all of these “cleansing” fierce creatures, but it won’t do much without a higher attack in there.

That’s why I don’t think it would hurt to have a pounce in there. It would still lose to resilients, but it would be allowed to put a dent in before it goes down (which is what most dinos do against their weak spots).


How would an eagle pounce, anyway? I imagine flying upward slightly and and clawing the opponent, I mean we saw how a Therizino pounced…

It should get distracting Rampage at least

Faced one was gonna let him/her win maybe…but they yawned so I was like ya lost all my sympathy

They kinda forgot that rinex can also distract and has resistance to distraction. Still I could have left and made him face tryko but I did want to see all the animations…and they suck like so much shake cam and disappearing half of the time I can’t tell what’s going on. Overall all it just needs a rampage


When you send a level 1 lynthronax and they’re ignorant of your level 30 lord lynthronax


It only does 1x damage tho


Only really good for picking off other creatures or for fighting thors

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Like I was gonna be nice tho I do that when ever see a cool new Dino or one I don’t see often I go easy and just go for strikes. I even said nice :+1:…then the yawn came and I’m like okay ya no not this time

True but unlike cautious it’s also a guaranteed dodge so there is no rng to factor in to give the fierce creatures a chance

With all the resilient moves around and the fact that It only has 1300 damage i doubt It would be OP If It had pounce

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