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So she exists

Second time I saw a Mammolania in arena. This time she was boosted lvl 24, around the same as my dinos

She revenge killed my Gemini and… and… destroyed the rest :flushed::scream:
Lania oneshotted my Dio and then killed the rest. With only 2 attack boosts. Seriously, she shouldn’t be immune to distraction. Give us a way to stop this DR. If only Dio and Tryko could use ID…


It’s already been nerf once. Don’t keep asking Ludia to nerf something whenever you lose, you should try to get one yourself instead. That’s the most effective counter.


Lania really doesn’t need another nerf she’s absolutely fine as she is now.

“Lose” and “get destroyed” are two different things. 4500 unblockable damage isn’t fine. If Ardmax’s 2600 DR was too much, then why is this fine? Is being able to oneshot best unique tanks while being just as bulky as them (unbleedable too) fine? No, no exclusivity explains this.
Imo DR can have 1 cd back, but these stupid partials have to go


Only confirms she’s not balanced


But was that nerf enough? It seems that it’s still killing many dinosaurs

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Stuns exist. This is why moth is better

What? With who should I stun her? With trash Dilorach? Or with even worse Rinex? Monosteg is the only viable stunner right now. But his 66% is very risky. If it fails…


Sarcorixis could be a start in this arena. Monostego is always good in the top arenas. Sometimes you just throw a creature with no hp at it and then it will go for rampage and waste it

Removing Lanias Immune to distraction should be enough to calm it down. Stuff like dilorach and renix will have a better chance against it.


Immune to distract is what really makes mammolania a top tier, so it should keep it.

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Immune to distraction is also what makes Lania broken


Mammolania is not broken. If it was immune to stuns and distract, then I’d give you that, but it isn’t. It’s a top tier for sure, and because it has mammoth dna, it should remain a top tier. If you want to talk broken, talk about entelomoth, but mammolania is fine


It should never have been immune to distraction in the first place. Ludia completely contradict themselves when they remove definite rampage from indo gen2 and maxima but then give immunity to distraction to lania. And i hate what they did with definite rampage. I would remove immunity to distraction and return definite rampage to having a cooldown of 1. This trend of giving away immunities to everything is making a lot of dinos totally irrelevant.


Wow that is a mighty fine juggernaut of a beast. I hope to never encounter one in Aviary.

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I’m floating from 4900 to 5100, and I saw 2 Lanias so far. Fresh, 21 one and this monster

I’ve come up against 2 and managed to beat them. It’s the nitro Thors that get me !

Do you really compare overboosted Thors to nearly unboosted Lanias? And what if someone overboosted a Lania? Tbh her speed is even easier to boost (115 vs 109) and she is able to speedup, becoming even faster.

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The OP was talking about one with no boost (well 2 attack). Pretty much anything that is boosted is going to cause issues, but that wasn’t what this link thread was about?

I’m expecting to start seeing more of them (boosted) and they’ll destroy my team.

Another reason why Mammoth Seasons and Mammoth daily rewards shouldn’t exist until its hybrids are fixed