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So sick of archers bs epic bow

The epic bow really needs to be nerfed.

The fact that every single person in arena uses it should make it obvious that it’s OP

Whomever gets first shot off with it (assuming the opposition hasnt managed to get a taunt out in front - and even then you can’t move anyone else up) decimates the entirety of the enemy team

It’s utter bs, it should be nerfed to 100% dmg at most at level 7, perhaps even 75% dmg

I think the one you’re talking about is the legendary bow? The epic bow just does a normal full-row attack, like the wizard’s disarm. They also look very similar, given that the front of the epic weapon is glowing green and the string of the legendary weapon also glows a (somewhat darker) green. But yeah… That bow is really, really annoying when it wipes your entire party before you’ve had a chance to do anything. For a strategic game like this, not having a way to counter a TPK like that is frustrating and really turns people off.

Yes, it should be, but then again it’s not the only issue in this game where the fundamental design of every facet of it is so poorly considered from the perspective of balance, fairness or fun. Once you realise that none of those factors play any role in the philosophy of the developers, and realise that the only guiding principle is how to make the game as profitable as possible from as few whales as possible, then it all starts to make much more sense.

It’s the legendary bow. It holds the distinction of being the only item that has wiped my entire party before I could even take 1 action. I’ve only been destroyed by it about a dozen times, so I have a feeling it has to be fairly high to be able to pull it off. I can only see the lvl 2 upgrade stats and I fail to see how 125% damage can pull that off, so perhaps a heavy spender can enlighten us on what it does at lvl 3 and 4.

I use the legendary bow. I mentioned in a different post how I killed with the one shot bow everyone hated and you said it was the epic. I just looked after reading this now and I definitely have my legendary equipped. I also have something else, I can’t remember what, that increases crit chance. That makes a difference too

Maybe the epic does the same at 7, I wouldn’t know because my epic is only at 5. I use my legendary which is at 2

Epic level 7 does 125% - kills or nearly kills entire team.

I should add that it seems to do more damage than wizard disarm at 150% (plus can happen multiple times if they have fury or retaliate)

So high level epic or legendary

Yes I have the crit chance trinket at level 7, 60% chance that it will give you 35% crit chance increase. Which really only equates to a 20% crit chance increase but still it’s good :slight_smile:

What makes me mad is facing a bot with it who holds out on using it until I am about to win. Just make that your first move, so All my characters can die, and I can start over.


I often get the distinct impression that the outcome of matches with bots are decided before they even start. I’ve steamrolled level 20 bots where it was just plain odd that I hit incredibly hard whilst their attacks did very little, despite defences/buffs or the lack thereof. And the reverse has also been true where nothing of mine procs, I don’t crit, lots of misses and resists, etc. and it just seems like it’s not luck or probability but rather a predetermined outcome.

I often find myself rolling my eyes and thinking, “If you’re going to determine the outcome ahead of the battle you can at least do me the very minimal courtesy of making it quick.”