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So sick of bad rewards in "PvP"

I realize that I only get to fight bots in the arena and that could be due to the fact that I’m 4,200+ points in the arena. But I’m so tired of having heroes that have great legendary and epic gear on and never getting a real opportunity to even progress them. I feel that 9/10 I get a basic chest, to me they are all but useless. All my common gear costs 800+ cards now to upgrade while I only need a handful of cards to actually upgrade the gear I use. Does anyone else have terrible RNG as me or am I just crazy. I have finished all the explore options and now with the new update I suppose it’ll be easier to finish dungeons but PvP is so easy to win they are easy free chests to get.

Agreed. Much lower in arena, 3100ish iirc, but same results. Endless 3-HR plain chests, typically 1 8-HR chest that I can run overnite. Got a 24-HR chest other day, no legendaries, 2 single epics. So basically same results as a handful of 3-hrs. Annoying af…

Particularly when AI opponents apparently have maxed out legendaries, when their L12s hit me 3x as hard as I hit them…

I don’t seem to have too much of a problem tbh, my heroes are L12’s but most have legendary gear or really good epic ones. I think really it’s just a bad roster that causes my losses, like getting an all melee team and getting hit with a mass immobility.

Sounds like you have maxed out the game as can be played right now. I’m consistently flopping back and forth between arena 6 and 7 and just consistently get wrecked when I get to Arena 7.

As for chests. I’d say I get 80% 3 hours , 19.5% 8 hours and a slim if ever get 12+ hour chests I got 1 of the top tier. Most of the chests are limited to the minimum out put (a few guaranteed rares) the one legendary I got from a chest (which might not have been a PvP chest) was one of like 3 legs I already had. :man_shrugging: