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So sick of boosts. Boosted Tany took out team of 2 Uniques and 2 Legendaries

I have a team of 25-ish uniques and legendaries, just got destroyed by a lvl 30 boosted common, with a swap in alankylo, it’s getting old, real old. I don’t pay a lot, but I do shed the odd dollar or two, no more Ludia, we done, I’ve never posted a ‘whining’ post before, but I’m whining now.

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I love my boosted lvl 30 tany. It gets killed easily by thor, allosino, and pretty much anything that slows.

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Tawny isnt just a common… when they rebuffed it so it can 1v1 indo they put it at white border legendary.

thats strategy right there though.

There is no more strategy in this game. Whoever pays for the most boosts wins. Pay. To. Win.


incorrect. you shall see, dont jump to conclusions. nothing changes actually.

How am I jumping to conclusions? 1.7 has been out long enough and Ludia’s gaffes with the boosts is well documented. It’s ruined the strategy aspect of the game when speed boosted creatures can wipe out entire teams without even taking a hit.


well thats your experience. however you decided to proceed when boosts were introduced.

yeah i know that strategy you talk about… the one with the same dang dinos everyday?

I would rather still be battling the same dinos all the time than boosted Thor and Draco. But to each his own I suppose.


nope. because you have a chance to counter it with your boosts. boosts are the new leveling. you can pay and gain like it has been forever or be humble.

Hate to break it to you but my Tany did this before boosts. :laughing:

Don’t rely on cloak/ evasive so much.


Yes it did, I’ve done it before. On more than one occasion. :laughing:

I have many hobbies. :slight_smile:
I like to draw, take walks and hikes with my dogs, play video games, travel, and train dogs to name a few.

I’ve got a pretty fulfilling life.

Besides, the whole point of the boosts originally was to put more versatility in the arenas so we wouldn’t see the same dinos over and over again.


What does this have to do with anything? Don’t attack other ppl, just because you feel like it


Its OK, I hurt their feelings is all. :slight_smile:


That post was very cringey, mate. I’m opposed to censorship and actually considered flagging it myself for a second. Would’ve been a first. Decided to be direct instead and ask that we keep it civil please.


I too thought about flagging them but then I realized hes just another boost addict raging from lack of boosts in the shop. This is clearly the denial stage.

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@MementoMori that was one of the most serious posts/replies I have seen from you, and at very good timing :slight_smile: while I do enjoy your humor and sarcasm, that was nice of you.
@Asta is an awesome member of this forum, only seen cool and positive posts, not to mention the awesome doggos :grin:
@Juck mate you need to cool off a bit… don’t take your frustration out on fellow players, none of us broke this game, that is on Ludia’s end, and we can only speak our minds, in a civilized manner and hope they will find a fix for it.

Hope everyone has a good morning :slight_smile:


I can understand the frustration. But first leveling tany that high isn’t that easy of a task. I don’t see that dino very often. Compared to dracoceratops components even. Second how did you not already know tany was a little pest? Before boosts it was a big threat to indominus, indo, and quite a few dinos. Its no surprise here.

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