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So sick of exclusive dinos

I knew this would happen deep down, but sheesh. The snake falls victim to “unobtainable exclusive creature” syndrome. Can we stop with this? Locking creatures behind event walls or, god forbid, PAID INCUBATOR walls, is stupid and isn’t fun.


You just got the rare snake for free in the campaign missions. How about you pump the brakes and wait for the Epic one to come out how LootYa plans to release it.

You gotta have it now people, :roll_eyes:

I don’t need to have it right this moment. I just want it to be obtainable in a way that doesn’t involve praying for Ludia to give it the light of day. It doesn’t need to be global any time.

Put it in parks. Make it arena exclusive. Do a temporary pursuit like how they handled the mammoth. At least make it OBTAINABLE.


My wife made a good point - she misses new dinos being introduced and being able to actually dart them. Not have them in an event, or a campaign, or an incubator.

Let us actually dart the dang things.


Not sure anyone is screaming BUT I WANT IT NOW! Pretty sure people just are tired of being pressured to pay for these dinos and boosts and everything to get a leg up.

These updates are to keep people interested in playing the game without getting bored with nothing new to do. So they hype up these new dinos for people to get talking about the game and then bam, make it as hard as they can for people to find a way to get them.

At least make them huntable and dartable instead of sitting a few weeks waiting for an event for a chance to get them.


Alright that’s fair.

If the Snake comes out in a pay incubator first, I will agree that is messed up.

If we can’t dart it by the end of February, I’ll agree with everything.

Hey, I finally found a Titanoboa! :rofl: All I had to do was unplug one of the phones I use to play JWA from the charger and it popped up.


Where in the campaign do you find Titanoboa Gen 2?

You get it as a reward for completing Campaign missions 36-38. Mission 36 gives you 600 DNA for it.

it is also a dawn/dusk global spawn.
btw it is difficult to drat due to its large size.

I am stuck on 34 :slightly_frowning_face: I only have 3 level 11 dinos

OK, all joking aside I found one downtown this evening on my second account.


However, I suck at darting so I need to find one more to unlock it.


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I used to play Jurassic World the Game. Played it for over 4 years, but they started to bring exclusive dinosaurs into the game where there was no way to obtain them, only when they say. One reason why I stopped playing that game.

It’s like saying you want to renovate a hotel, adding an extention with these amazing shops, but when it’s renovated, you’re gunna keep some shops closed and only open them to the public when you feel like it.


Yeah before you know it this dinosaur hunting game will consist of logging in during a new update, and going to a dinosaur showroom and buying the dinosaur you want -_-!

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You get over 1k of it from the new campaign missions, FYI.

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I know. I’m waiting until I get that 12-battle mission and need some extra battles to complete it :wink:

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