So sick of getting this in my incubators


It feels like every damn time… It’s super cute and all but I actually would love some of the arena dna… that would be really nice. Too much useless gen 2 dna in the incubators. Anyone else always get the same dna over and over ??? Would be fine if the gen 2’s weren’t so nerfed.


I got reset for spoofing, but before that I had over 16,000 dna for this guy, and NEVER ONCE DARTED IT. It is just a useless incubator filler.

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geez I thought my 7k odd was bad.

I also have a ridiculous amount of Triceratops Gen 2… just a complete waste. Not worth evolving and putting on the team. Just in the lists… down the bottom


So much DNA! So nothing to do with it!

I bet you thought I was going to say So little time!! :joy::joy:


he’s actually pretty useful when evolved…all of his battle modes have stun possibility. I just took out a 3400 hit point sauropod … got lucky and had 5 straight stunning hits. and for a little guy, he’s surprisingly durable.


Unless I need their DNA for fusing, I’ve been leveling them up to 11 and stopping since the last Evolution Expert Achievement requires you to have 50 creatures at level 11 or higher… I’m at 45 right now.



So cute… wish they were battle worthy


What have you evolved him to ??


Big brother is watching lololol This just appeared in my feed


oh he’s still the original version…but i’m at level 11.


OMG it just doesn’t stop !!! I haven’t darted one in the wild of course. Still waiting in my actual area incubator dinos lolololol



Impressive amount of DNAlolol


I dont remember when or why i lvld this guy up to 13 lol


Same here, tired of the same old DNA for her, I have no idea why she’s at the level she’s at, I’ve never used her in battle :neutral_face:


What are the stats for it at that level?


there you go!


Thanks! Yeah, not sure what I’d do with it even at that level.


I’m hoping she’ll become useful in the future.


I evolve all my dinos until it costs 2K in gold to evolve. That cost in gold is not hard to recover and it levels me up.

Anything 2K and higher has to be a dino I need for creating a hybrid or useful enough to be on my team.