So sick of the game


Anyone else had enough of jurassic world now?

With the latest update they’ve taken pay to win to a whole new level.

The incubators are extortionate beyond belief. That one the other day for 6000 cash?! They need their heads checked. The amount of cheaters in battles just keeps increasing. Its a shame because its a great game if the battle system wasn’t so bad and expensive to get anywhere.

Definitely need to take a break until they start listening to players and balance the game a bit


I think the game is great fun if you have the patience for it. Of course, if you’re more in a hurry to level up and get the best hybrids and such, you’ll get annoyed of the cash prices.

The battle system is not easy because it requires you to change up your strategy and use dinosaurs at specific times to counter your opponent. Losing and having a tough time doesn’t mean the battle system is bad nor does it mean you fight cheaters all the time. Cheaters come and go maybe once in a while as all games have cheaters.

If you don’t want to buy the expensive incubators…then don’t buy them. Nobody is forcing you to use your money so its not extortion.

Taking a break might be the best option for you. When you are no longer annoyed or upset it will be easier to enjoy yourself.


I find the game relaxing and exciting at the same time ,it will be a very long time before I would ever think of quitting. I love dinosaurs. Even if it’s just collecting