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So *sips tea* how's the game going

Contrary to a lot of the negativity, the game is doing well. Boosts and matchmaking still need a little fix but with recent updates we have some cool new creatures, a couple hundred new achievements to work towards and some bug fixes.

Right now, I’d say the game is in a great place whether you are casual or competitive. There’s something for you whatever aspect appeals to you most.

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Fun is wherever you find it🤗

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2k ceramgnus would like to say high. And ya the game still has it gems but those are overshadowed by the negatives. Especially the bugs. I like battling and I like grinding, I like the achievements. I don’t like having to hope for a lobby for raids, I don’t like me with max lvl 26 creatures being put up against max lvl 30s. I don’t like get hit once then being swapped into, I don’t like that some missions are absolute hard to do and take for ever like sure tournaments exist for some but even the pin they are either RNG, or pay to win. The bugs make it feel like a system from the 70s trying to process modern content. I hate knowing oh ya I made magna lvl 26 oops gets beaten by a moser boosted lvl 22. I hate that so many creatures are useless, I hate that two entire classes are basically useless abuse one class is op as heck or at least most of the creatures in that class.

HAH YOU CAN’T FIND ME IF I DON’T EXIST fades out of reality

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Lol like Erlidominus’ immunity

Bout sums it up for me