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So strike towers take a MUCH longer time now


With the slight changes in (passive) battle animations, such as speed priority being re-established and switch-outs, it slowly but surely adds up to a daunting waste of time.

The pterosaurs don’t make it any better, what with all the swap-ins (much of the time for zero logical reason), and I find doing their associated strike towers utterly infuriating.

Is Ludia trying to discourage people from doing these things at a single location, thereby “justifying” the -quite frankly- insane amount of strike towers they plaster all over?

I’m stubborn and stick to the single location I do any tower as I never know if I’ll be able to spare any time for them later and going through upwards of 10 battles of easily dispatched “battles” with slower and extended animation sequences is in no way fun.

I like the coins and incubators, for sure, but I feel like I’m playing old-school Pokémon and fighting the dozen wimpy mandatory underlings (forced pathing, I hate you, Koga) before I’m allowed to fight the Gym Leader.

I feel like Ludia should decrease the number of encounters and give a boost to the levels of the dinosaurs we fight. Not so much as to dissuade newer players with lower level resources from doing them but, rather, just cut down on the sheer tedium us others have to endure to get them done.

No one wants to spend 15-20+ minutes and pretty much loiter if the towers are in less than ideal locations.

Breaking our attempts up through several towers at different locations is not necessarily feasible for many so I really hope there can be a compromise of some sort in the making.

((Edit: too many people are misinterpreting my complaints. Perhaps it’d have been easier to suggest speeding up or eliminating excess animations altogether but I didn’t feel that was a reasonable suggestion given the fact I don’t know jack about coding.))


More battles = more coins.


They could assign more coins per battle to compensate.


I kno what your saying I was in one and they all kept swapping I was hitting them once then swap hit then swap they was even swapping when they were last Dino left. It was doing my nut in.


Use dinos that have pinning strike or shield breaking. Problem solved.


The counter for the stupid birds swapping defense is to watch for when they are unbound, swapping in they get bound for 2 turns. As soon as they you can Attack and they are not bound, use Nullifying Attack or Defense shattering Attack. Nullifying is better in case you get one that also swaps invincibility. Hope that helps


I feel you’re ignoring the overall issue. Using pinning moves means less damage attacking and usually they’re assigned to dinosaurs with slower speed and even if you DO hit them, it’s a zero-sum equation as you’ve likely gained no momentum and waste just as much time for those animations in ADDITION to the ones you’d normally use.

Shield-breaking doesn’t even enter the equation as we deal with shields and immunity ANYWAY and I’m not whining about defenses being too high.

There’s just too much passive waiting. Battles can be hard-fought and I don’t mind. I LIKE challenging content. I DON’T like redundancy and waiting on silly stuff I can smush into paste but it makes me wait a needlessly long time to smush into paste.


So kinda agree. Takes too long.

But right now they are accessible. Making them harder begins to put them out of reach for casual/newer players.

I dont think thats a good idea.

But yes, please speed these up a little.


Feel the same. Just use velociraptor to start off and then gorgo/posti to mash them all. None of their shields and invincibility will matter.


An autobattle where the battle takes place instantly would be nice. Instead of watching the animations, the system does the battle and spits out the results in a few seconds.


While the swapping mechanic is annoying, and slows things down (and the AI loves to swap, and will always swap when bound wears off), you can rectify it with shield shattering and nullifying. I blew straight threw the blue strike event using those types of dinos and it went extremely quick.