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So that is what will happen hmm interesting

There was a code 19 before the events of today started
It was the kentrosaurus code 19
I always wanted to know what will happen after the 5 min without doing the code 19
And as the kentrosaurus is almost not useful I let the code 19 out of my mind to see what’ll happen
I first thought that it would appear like the recovery symbol on its paddock
But the interesting thing is that Owen took care of it
Does that always happen??
And also do u guys know this already??

I usually let code 19s time out during tourneys, I knew this for a while.


Ohhhh noice

Yea but do that always happen

Yep. Every time it times out, owen takes care of it. It is like sending owen without manually doing it.


Fear of losing the prize is bigger headache, unless something valuable runs off.

If you don’t take care of it and it time outs Owens does. If you close the game, Owen does.

Code 19s are sort of oppt in only,


Of course Owen does it… that’s how he gets his salary🤪