So the 20min common scent capsule is ditched?

Usually I will see a common scent with 20min added in my package from the tedious strike event battle, but rather than that, I got a 5min one stacked with the other from supply drops.
Seems like Ludia must be coming down from heaven to explain me why I got nothing from fighting the capsule tower on Monday, with the hint they gave me awhile ago. Allow me to thank you so hard for that.

The reward is random. You can get a 5min, a 20min or a rare one (which is rare though).

Thanks for info. Cringy that they even diluted the drop rate of common 20min, it is already not so much of a surprise when their own Twitter has portrayed it as an epic capsule tower. They do them I guess

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It doesn’t have a slot reserved for some reason. If you get one you will see it at 1/2. It’s weird they don’t just show that it exists until you acquire one AND it resides in your inventory

Yeah. I wonder has there been anyone who bought excess amount of epic scents yet got no more than 2, will they be told by the support team to blame on their own self for that.

Buying them goes over the soft cap of 2

Oh I forgot about that. Indeed that’s more market appropriate