So the new Alberto hybrid is kinda weird

I know a lot of people are upset about having to use Alberto DNA again but the moveset for the new Alberto doesnt make much sense. Its a fierce but only its basic move and its counter moves are fierce. Nothing else in it’s kit bypasses shields or armor. I can’t tell who it’s designed to beat because even if a move is precise which should be targeted at cunning creatures it would do absolutely nothing if it has no Distraction resistance. The swap in mechanic is ok but its kit is all over the place for something thats designed as a fierce revenge killer


It’s swap-in and Instant Ferocious Revenge are also fierce. Edaphocevia being a fierce cunning is the origin of both the precise rampage and the distraction.

So really it’s a Fierce/Cunning.


Ferocity is also a fierce trait and Devour was introduced as a fierce mechanic (stated in the same patch notes).
It should actually be Cunning-Fierce, with that Distracting Revengle Blow, which would make sense since Edaphocevia is also a Cunning-Fierce.


I feel the same. While I understand where the moves come from and the fact that It is in fact a cunning fierce, I’d personally prefer If It had another shattering move in its kit, like a revenge group shattering impact( 2x on revenge) instead of the precise revenge rampage. Sure It gets ferocity as a fierce trait, but edaphocevia already has ferocity and shattering abilities, the only thing It gets from Alberto is priority on a move, It could have more fierce atributes since it gets one more fierce into the mix.
I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s probably very good, just not exactly the role I would prefer to see for It. We still need more fierce in the meta that actually work as fierce


I feel they did this to others too. Components didnt get much representation as the other, I think the same goes for erlikospyx’s moveset. Not a single defense shattering move for eliko. Kinda just a buffed up Edaphocevia

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It’s just frustrating but maybe his resistances won’t be too bad but if he’s going to be a fierce cunning, he needs to have some level of distraction resist even if it’s only 50%. I wouldn’t mind if he had two moves that are pure cunning and two moves that are pure fierce instead of what we got

His swap in devour is just a strike too, it doesn’t bypass shields or armor so he essentially has the weakest devour mechanic for a chomper you would think it would be better

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