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So the Rat is back and better than ever!

Not only does it swap in and supply major damage, but it now has the staying power to do severe damage to another dino. Plus it now has a big brother/sister you can poor all that extra DNA into. Now you can have 2 Rats. :sunglasses:

I wish the unique was more geared toward surviving in battle. The swap in is actually trash once you notice how many creatures survive it. Would have taken the old Kapro attack over it any time. Just a shield-breaking strike even would be better.

Ya I meet the grinch twice same with the rat…they mostly Are just stuck after they swap in sure they can go cleansing but doesn’t really help much

Too bad, because it’s somewhat cute. The Draco line should have just inherited the swap in headbutt. Does a lot more for it while not being a total pest to stuff immune to stun. Also some armor.

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It’s still good especially against most chompers and speedsters and you can also pair it with say thyla, monostego,or Monolorhino.

Yeah if you can get a good drop on a chomper. Them chompskys are now equipped with slowing moves. Tenonto will often just keep slowing stuff, Tryko does it without even trying, Thor can eat rat alive with just impact. I don’t know what could be done to improve fluffy’s survival chances while allowing him to also deal some damage at least for a turn. T10 hp T20 attack, or T15 hp T15 attack?

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