So, the Rhino and speedties again

Since they’re giving us a lot of this Epic tourney, I guess they wouldn’t mind us constantly complaining about the same things of it.

Here’s the strategy people! Send anything, and I mean, any-freaking-thing that deals decent damage on turn 1 or has enough HP to attack twice and survive. Then swap to Rhino. And voilá! You started your way to be a pro “skill” battler! You can also swap into a creature with 3750 HP or lower and isn’t resistant to stun, then stun it and kill it! Don’t worry about the next dino. Your Rhino will be able to deal at least 2150 damage, maybe 3750 before being taken out or even escaping to come back later! Just better hope the opponent doesn’t have it too so they don’t do the same to you! And if by any chance you end up in a Rhino vs Rhino situation, you can always count on your better connection or closer proximity to Canada to win the speedtie! If that’s not the case, oh well, too bad for you!


Use a dino with no scape

So one of three dinos then (including Titanoboa)? I suppose it’s ok for anything without no escape to get sniped by rhinos though.

Ok, No Escape, let’s see… Boa, Spino and Grypo… Yeah, they either get their butts kicked by Rhino or take tons of damage before taking it down… And that’s AFTER the Rhino had already swapped and killed a creature…

Or maybe you mean, No Escape to prevent the Rhino from swapping in? Well, I prefer using my own Rhino with a bunch of creatures resistant to no escape or able to beat the No Escape users…

Between this and diplodocus (what’s with all these high-attack resilients with a move that can pierce armor?), I can safely say that I’m not going to participate like I normally do with the epic tournaments until they’re more balanced.

Resilient dinos have way too much going on, focus needs to be placed on buffing fierce (and to a lesser degree, cunnings).

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Indeed. And it’s so obvious… Try using a whole team of Resilient, a whole team of Fierce and a whole team of cunning, see which one does better…

A team of Diplo, Boa, Rhino and Brachio would be 4 resilient, LOL… That beats any team of Fierce out there! :joy:

Honestly it’s an absolute joke!

I take my hat off to anyone who is willing to battle all weekend in this tourney. I can’t imagine the monotony of the same 8 dinos including the massively op rhino and speed ties determining every match.

I’d rather have my toenails removed with no anaesthetic than try to get a decent score in this tourney. It makes me realise boosts aren’t such a bad thing after all, so I get my ten takedowns and run!

Alternatively, they could just have less Epic tournaments, and maybe one or two more Legendary or Unique tournaments.

Wouldn’t necessarily solve the actual problem, but it’d be nice to have some actual variety instead of just having rare and epic tourneys every frickin weekend.


Speed ties aren’t going anywhere.
Even if they fixed speed ties to make them random, tons of people would still complain.

The only ones that would complain are those who are used to winning them.

It annoys me that every single enemy team has a Rhino. I also have it most of the time, but tournament should not be reduced to using a single creature. Or, in this weekends case, using a select group of creatures. It would be nice if we could use all epics, but it unfortunately doesn’t work this way :unamused:

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Thats what irritates me about Rhino (and swap in dinos in general). You can’t exactly predict when they swap in, so the only counterplay is to basically assume that they are going to swap in at any time, even if your opponent doesn’t have one. I’m reluctant to even send in a cunning, because I know that if my opponent has a Diplodocus they’ll swap them in to take priority. Or if my dino gets below 1500 damage, you just have to assume your opponents is going to swap in a rhino. They dominate the meta just by existing as a possibility. I suppose this could be said for any meta-defining dino, but at least your opponent swapping into a Maxima still gives you a turn to counterpick it before it attacks.


I almost lost a battle because I swapped out a faster dino at low HP, wrongly predicting the opponent would send a Rhino, then I took a stupid hit from the weak opponent on the field… Fortunately I could recover and I won. But I got myself into way more trouble because of that… A crit from the opponent and it would be all over. Someone could say I was silly for trying to predict it. Yeah, well, if I were right and the opponent swapped to a Rhino and I didn’t swap out, I would certainly have lost. That’s how screwed up this is…

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Or the ones (like me) that have terrible rng luck. I’m lucky to win half of speed ties currently.

Making it random would make it likely a third. :weary:

Making speed ties random is just another headache IMO.

“Luck” is not something that can be quantified… We all have bad luck and good luck. Speedties because of connection is absolutely ridiculous. There’s no headache bigger than that…

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I only had four losses since this afternoon. Three with speedtie at 2-2 and the last one just now with a freaking button glitch… Honestly…