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So the rules changed during the tournament. All those boosts wasted

So I entered the side tournament. My competitive nature kicks in and I noticed the only way I can win is to boost some of my dinosaurs. About 4 turns later, my dinosaurs are fighting in level 26 friendly mode.

All those boosts wasted, and the rules only says Only the following rarities are all allowed in this event: Epic and Legendary.
No where does it say anything about no boosts and evening out the levels.

Sometimes I really hate Ludia. Because you know they won’t refund boosts spent, or apologize.

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It clearly says stat boosts are disabled and lvl 26 for matches


Don’t worry, you’ll get them back eventually. They’re going to do another roll back.

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It clearly did not say that for me when I started, and still does not say that for me.

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If only that were true. I don’t think they feel they have an obligation to do that, and it would not make them as much money if they did that.

It’s happening…

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I can’t love this enough. <3