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So, the survey is here

What was your options?

I didn’t like any of the options they gave for speed ties.

I would prefer that the speed tie goes to whichever dino was in battle first.

So at the start, if the two starting dinos come to a tie breaker, speed goes to which ever dino was selected first. First in, gets the advantage.

If you bring a dino in the match when your opponent’s dino is still there after taking you out, they get the speed tie breaker because they are already in.

This should not result in “who’s closer to the servers” because most people sit and think for several seconds to decide which dino to start. This would just make them have to make that choice a little faster.


No options I actuly want Ie change it back!! They have already changed it. Also not Woking properly

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I got a 404 error.

Was not able to express my opinion on anything


@Ludia_Developers @Ned

Please forward this possible option for speed ties to the devs…

Speed tie would go to whichever dino gets to the arena floor first, whether that’s from already being there after taking out a dino, or being selected first at the start of the match

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Replying halfway and the survey died. Hell…even the survey is bugged, let alone the game itself. Kinda funny though but then again, I guess Ludia’s true to form.


That’s actually really good, hopefully all the people asking for nerfs don’t get to do this one.


I didn’t even get the survey.


Same here. Got half way through it and got booted. The survey is as glitchy as the game since the update. Apparently they didn’t like my answers and therefore decided my opinions didn’t matter.


404 error me too


Half way through survey, error


I completed the survey, hit submit, website crashed. Couldn’t submit the survey


Last survey, I tried doing it for my kid’s account. First question was the same here…what level are you? Since my kid was lvl 8, I replied so. Didn’t get to answer the 2nd question. All that was stated was…thank you for participating in the survey.



Same. Error partway through.


Well, I guess this suvey’s for higher levels so they can give input based on the higher arena play. Which may be a good idea.
I restarted the game and says the survey is not available.


I completed that survey because I was lvl 20 & top 250? What happened to the majority of the player base? Look, just because the newbies are well… newbies, doesn’t mean that their suggestions are bad or useless. Likewise, just becos I have played since the onset doesn’t mean my suggestions are always great. The survey should be used as a platform to gauge what the MAJORITY of the player base desires and NOT what the top players want.


Considering how ludia constantly caters only to top players it makes sense to me that they would do it here too.


I’m level 20 but nowhere near top 250 and I filled it out, so did my son who is level 17

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Something like lvl 10 is what would be a good level (the level at which you can also boost stuff). Here’s why newbies might actually ruin balance:
They most likely do not have enough arena experience, what they meet at low levels are going to be non-boosted or lightly boosted creatures, maybe they haven’t even seen a Dracoceratops or Indoraptor Gen2. And you want them to ask for nerfs or buffs to creatures they’ve never used or fought against yet?


They have separated the survey into 2 sides. They only want to hear from the lvl 11 and above players. The rest (under lvl 10) they ignore. However they could have done it less obviously but they didn’t.

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