So they changed the text

Superiority strike got a rework on its description… says its cleanses distraction but apparently still cleanses bleed… that’s some false advertising right there



Ok, that’s what cleansing does! What’s the point of cleansing negative effects if you cant cleanse them?

Then the text needs to be changed… if you want to get technical it specifically says cleanses distraction… not cleanse from negative effects…

No it’s a “cleanse distraction” meaning you cleanse and distract… the distract is the slowing part

All cleanses remove negative effects

In this game, distraction is the reduction of attack, slowing is the name for the slowing debuff.

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The most popular theory is that the text change indicates the intended change SS will get in 1.5. Previously a similar change was made to the description of the various bleed moves from % of attacker damage to % of opponent’s health. The change to the mechanics occurred in the following update.

Consider it a heads up from Ludia.

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That’s hilarious you went so far as to call it false advertising…like it was something you paid for. I lol’d.

Yeah as has been stated the tool tip has recently changed which if given past experiences means a change is comming and this is our warning.

Calling a skill in a game not performing exactly as it reads as false advertising? Did you buy this skill in a bundle pack?

They changed the name because they heard everyone complaining about ss, it’s a distraction so it makes you faster for one turn… if you look at the distracting attacks correctly, it says that they are negative effects, and cleansing removes negative effects, but in this case, its saying it’s a distraction because it’s for 1 turn. The other go over multiple turns.
Example of negative effect

In battle, if your attack is reduced, the game says “Distraction,” if you’re slowed, the game would say that your creature is “Slowed.” Plus there’s a reason they’re called “Distracting” moves.

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I know, that’s literally the point I made… but they changed it to cleanse distraction, to stop everyone ranting about it, just like you are… they made it distraction because, if a 20 ft tall dinosaur slammed you, you would be very weak, tired, distracted, and wouldn’t be able to make out what happened… it’s a cleanse distraction because slowing strike didnt sound good… that’s why they changed it next update…:unamused:

I think you’re missing the point…

cleanse distraction… they changed the instant cripple name to a distraction name as well… and this move cleanses EVERYTHING not just distracting moves… the point I initially tried to make is they are displaying false information… I get its probably for the next update but why not just wait until the update to change it? Makes more sense to me

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A slowing move is NOT a distraction move nor will it ever be a distraction move… distraction reduces damage not speed

@Baryonyx A distraction move reduces damage, Superiority Strike does not, it only reduces speed therefore it isn’t a distracting move. If the theory is right, when 1.5 comes Superiority Strike will only cleanse Distraction (damage reduction) while leaving all other debuffs in place (unlike Cleansing Impact which cleanses everything).

@ThatAngryGinja The reason they changed it now, rather than waiting for 1.5 to drop is most likely to give the players warning of an upcoming change to what has become a cornerstone in the arena. They no doubt hope to avoid some of the unparalleled amount of crying and whining this change will cause. If they waited until the update, within minutes the forums will be inundated with threads proclaiming “Ludia broke the game”, “This game sucks”, “I’m so finished with this game!”, “Stegodeus is broken now!”, “I can’t win anymore!” etc, etc. A little sneaky and premature? Sure. False advertising? A bit much for what is essentially a scratch on the nose.

Honestly if you ask me his rampage just needs to be dropped to an impact move… then stegogod would be fine to battle against and with it’s high hp could still hold it’s own and win fights… but I get why they would pre warn

As I’ve said elsewhere on this forum, I don’t think there is a problem with the move itself. The problem is the number of dinos that have it. It seems to me that every dino that did have regular Strike got Superiority Strike instead. My question would be why? The vast majority of dinos should have Strike, with a select few having Superiority Strike just like there are a select few with Nullifying Strike.

seems cleanse can offset instant cripple?