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So things are F.U.B.A.R. let's talk solutions

Things are messy but let’s try not to be so doom and gloom please. I really like this game. I thought of a way to fix balance issues and droppers. Tier barriers. The Idea is simple. If you’re not in x arena you can’t use dinosaurs of x rarity. For example to stop uniques appearing in lockdown you make it so they can only appear in sorna marshes and beyond.

I created a list of where I thought these barriers should be but an Alliance member argued that someone who unlocked a unique early would feel cheated. I thought the barrier was understandable but maybe he was right. What do y’all think?

I’ve posted my suggestion on these forums several times, but I still think it is a viable way to go.

I think Ludia needs to make each Arena dinosaur level specific. What I mean by this is that each Arena can only be played if you have a team of dinosaurs that match the appropriate level bracket. There are currently ten Arenas so for arguments sake we make each Arena into a 3 level bracket.

Fallen Kingdom (1-3).
Mount Sibo (4-6).
SS Arcadia (7-9).
Nublar Jungle (10-12).
Badlands (13-15).
Lockdown (16-18).
Sorna Marshes (19-21).
Jurassic Ruins (22-24).
Lockwood Estate (25-27)
Aviary (28-30).

With this implemented you cannot play up but you could play down but only if you can build a team of lower level dinosaurs. That way you can make the Arena specific incubators be more relevant. Players who want to be super competitive can still play that way as they progress through them, but they will be facing suitable challengers.

Now some posters on the Ludia forums argued that my suggestion is flawed because it doesn’t take into account how much better an Epic or Legendary dinosaur is over the Common and Rare ones. However, considering that when you create an Epic or Legendary they come in at a set level then it doesn’t really make much difference as they will be facing appropriate threats.

Ludia could also keep the trophy count for the scoreboard and to determine tournament ranking as it wouldn’t impact anything or matter what dinosaurs you had.


It sounds good but consider friendly battles where all dinosaurs are level 26. A starting player with a team of all commons struggles hard against someone who has some epics on hand. The difference might be bigger than you realize.

Friendly battles are different though. I’m referring to the Arena side of things.

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If the problem haven’t been fixed for over 11 months, and aswell been understod during the development - something is wrong.

This arena won’t be fixed.

Am I the only one who doesn’t know what F.U.B.A.R. could stand for?

Messed up beyond all recognition except messed is another more explicit word

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Problem with this is some people have a large range of dinos. I have seen people with a level 21 Magna and level 28 Thor. So what arena would they be able to play in? Also dino levels don’t necessarily equal dino strength. A level 30 diplotator isn’t the same as a level 30 Thor (and it’s much easier to level) so rarity might have to be taken into consideration as well.


Ah ok, fair enough.

We just want apatosaurus nerfs.


Solution right there.

You can not use Apatosaurus until you reach Aviary. Problem solved.

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A range of dinosaurs means that you would have to play what you have eight of to a make a team. Want to play the higher level ones, win games, gain enough trophies to unlock those Arenas and level your dinosaurs. It is simple.

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Apatosaurus should be beyond unique: Mythic

In all seriousness, I would love more/better spawn mechanics. Also, no park locked dinosaurs, but maybe add new supply drops in parks only to still encourage actually going to parks? I dunno man…


Trying to keep it related :joy:.
But yeah, I’d like more spawns, or whatever is going on in this topic.

I was aiming for an arena balance discussion as it seems to be causing a lot of upset.

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Parks are a minor issue. Despite having two large parks, neither are classed as such on Google Maps so they don’t show up green on the game. Some places just can’t get park exclusive dinosaurs. That’s a problem.


Fair enough, still, I would love increased spawns.

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Stop dreaming about a solution.

The park is here to stay.

See it as a prison.

The arena are here to stay.

They don’t care.