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So things are F.U.B.A.R. let's talk solutions

Your idea would have been a good solution a year ago… but sadly their is no way to implement this right now.

The lowest level player in my alliance is sitting at 600 trophies and has a level 13 sino… 14 eino and a few level 7s. What bracket would he fit in?
My next lowest player is at 1200 trophies and has a level 17 sino and 15 rex.
I have someone at 1600 trophies that has a level 18 eino. I have multiple people that have indom and arent even at 2k trophies yet thanks to daily missions of rex for a month.

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I was thinking of something similar to Pokemons Team preview. This team preview would show all 8 of the opponents dinosaurs, but you wouldn’t know what 4 would get chosen for battle. It sounded good in my head… :man_shrugging:

Sadly, I quite agree. It’s what was needed from the start.

Sorry I disagree. There’s an overly negative thread you can share your pessimism in though

The tone of topics “everything is very bad, but let’s try to fix it” ended long time ago. They would have had sense of Ludia had listened to them.

But they’ve ignored all of them and keep doing even more mess and silly things. So it’s now too bad with no solution anymore. And Ludia will do their best to make it worse. That’s the only thing they can do.


Might seems unreliable. Consider T-rex. High health, High attack, very low speed. It’s average might not represent how good it is in the meta. Rarity while sometimes wrong is usually consistent.

I personally think it’s an over reaction from people asking for way to much. The issue I’m addressing is arena unbalance as a result of saint Patrick’s week.

I give up.


Yes! :raised_hands:t4: Best strategy I’ve seen so far :arrow_heading_up:


That’s the spirit

The problem goes beyond just St. Patricks day… st patricks day has nothing to do with the fact that there are now level 18 sinos and einos in arena 3… im pretty sure i had like 9-10s in arena 3.

I was thinking about Trykosaurus, erlidom, and thoradolosaur just absolutely tearing up lower arenas. To clarify I think level capping arenas isn’t a good idea. I want to limit arenas by rarity. Common, rare, epic, ect.

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So what about the teams I see running a L30 rare, a L30 legendary, and maybe a L28 unique?

Or you can just get matched with players with a similar team lvl.
If player A has an average team level of 28, they should be matched against players with the same average lvl.

To me the easiest and simplest way to at the very least “shake things up” is add more Dino’s to the battle team. We are currently at 8. If we add 4 more it should “unclog” things and create a wider gap between players. I think the biggest problem is everything is so jumbled right now with teams of 2-3 strong uniques and the rest of the team is mediocre. It creates people playing higher or lower then where they should be in the arena and in turn creates frustrating results.

You might also consider changing it from 4 to 5 dinos on a single battle. You can keep it at 3 kills wins or move it to 4 but if you keep it at 3 it might make those Dino’s that have swap-in abilities more desirable and really contribute to more “ strategic” play.


Totally acceptable. Scummy and deplorable yes but you can’t stop people from being jerks. Theoretically under my suggestion someone could drop down an arena and use their team of level 30 rares to bash on newer players but who wants to do that?


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Well that’s disappointing

Really that is what it should be like now. That would be a great way to fix the matchmaking issue.

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