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So things are F.U.B.A.R. let's talk solutions

Rarity barrier wouldn’t solve anything. Even a common is still devastating at way higher level. But also, even I who have a balanced team wouldn’t like to be forced to use dinos in an arena according to its level… If I have a whole team at level 24, for example, and the arena doesn’t allow a level 25, then if I level up one, it wouldn’t be able to battle in that arena anymore and I would have to take a weaker dino to fill the spot. That would suck.

I think the best idea I’ve seen about this would be considering the level of all dinos in a team combined for matchmaking. But that also has its flaws.


That would require the Devs at Ludia to think though, we know they don’t have the capacity to do as much.

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Yeah the more I think about it the more flawed the rarity barrier becomes. Honestly the system (much to everyone’s disappointment) seems best the way it is now. The arenas should balance themselves out in theory but it just doesn’t seem like it in practice.

The reason I thought of the rarity barrier was because of this.

This is someone’s team in sorna marshes

This is my team in lockwood manor. The similarities seemed jarring to me.

Normally i would trust in a solution but when i see since 2 month every week a bad solution on ALMOST every decision ludia made…
Im just almost sure,now the mistake is too huge to find one solution…
either,they have
1:Recode all dino,stats and priority and speed
2:Recode all spawns mechanism
3:putting events the way it was before

In others terms:rebuilding the whole game.

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Looking at my alliance members legendary start in badlands atm… with full legendaries and a splash on uniques in upper lockdown… got people with 3+ uniques including 23 thors and indos in sorna…

The difference between my team in lockwood and the teams in sorna are incredibly small right now.

I’ve said this on a different thread recently, but I think opponents should be matched by might/power (apologies, it’s power in one game that I play, and might in a different one )

Ludia already does this with Titan Uprising. That’s my team on the left, dragon enemies on the right. I think this would eliminate a lot of the stomping because (theoretically)the team with much higher might (aka, stronger dinos ) would never be matched against a player with lower level dinosaurs. My might goes up as I level my team. If I took one out, the might would adjust accordingly when I put a different one in.

We came up with a viable match making system a while ago, it got lost in the chatter. It is long but I will try to condense it.

It solves the several issues of current Arena

  • Users having high level creatures in low arenas
  • Users going on long winning/losing streaks
  • User ability (the RNG players)
  • Users dropping to use their lower level creatures

Each rarity is assigned a rank:

Common =10 (Example number)

Rare = 20 …

Each Rank is multiplied by the Dino Level. A level 15 common would ‘score’ 150.

Each team of 8 is given a total ‘score’. Matches are determined by a range around that score. Similar to the 450 range for trophies.

Trophy level and ‘score’ are independent of each other.

A user may battle at any ‘score’ level they desire.

They win or lose trophies based off their opponents score, similar to the current system based off trophy count.

So a user could have all level 30 Unique one battle, and battle similar ‘score’ teams. Next battle put in level 5 Common and battle an opponent with a similar ‘score’ team. The player would win or lose trophies based on the outcome of each battle. One opponent could be at 5000 trophies, the other opponent at 2000 trophies.

To account for different user abilities, there is a handicap. A user who had a high ‘max score’ of a battle team would be handicapped up if they put in a much lower score team. Rational: A user who has a level 30 team is going to be much more skilled than a user who has only battled with a very low score team. Example: High score user will be matched with users who are scored 5% (or whatever number) higher than their team. ‘Max Score’ is just a table value stored for each user based on the highest scored team they have had in Arena.

Lose 5 (or whatever number) matches in a row, your ‘score’ is handicapped down a percentage, say 5%. You will now be facing lower ‘score’ teams until you can start to win. A user who wins 5 (or whatever number) matches in a row will have their score handicapped up that 5%. Rational: Some users are not very good in Arena, make bad decisions. Some users are very skilled in Arena, are good at battling. User ability needs to be taken into account in Match making. This will also help with the RNG players from getting too high for their actual ability and then crashing down hundreds of trophies. Skilled players will face teams at their ability level and advance.

There are some issues, such as putting a ‘ringer’ in, a level 30 along with 7 low commons to artificially ‘score’ low. I would think it would be easy to put flags in for that. Also the common that is high level because it is OP, as Tanny was. It will need to be scored differently due to its OP-ness. I do not know if this would be a good “tournament” system as it could be easy to exploit for skilled users. Perhaps this could be implemented if there are ever separate Arenas for tournament/normal battling.

That is the basic concept, there are many details to it that are lengthy to explain. Better done with tables/spreadsheets.

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Sorry, I didn’t read all the thread. My suggestion is fire the current staff and hire competant people who actually care about the game. Sorry if someone already suggested it.

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They could make it so your highest and lowest dino can only be a certain percentage or so many levels apart. The higher the arena, the wider the range.

This way you won’t see a team of low teens pull an indoraptor.

My 2nd account all level 10 team is constantly facing Alliance mission rewards all the way up to level 16 now and I’m in the bottom of Arena 3 floating between 1150 and 1300.

The lower arenas are just as big of a mess from the alliance mission rewards as the upper ones with the compressed teams because the high loss of trophy’s to wins.

Awkward question: what does F.U.B.A.R. mean? Lol

Messed up beyond all recognition. Except “messed” is a more explicit word.

I think we should be awarded coins regardless of winning or losing a match.
100 Coins Per Dino Defeated.
Trophy gain/loss stays the same, Incubator award stays the same. It would help ease the sting of a losing streak, since losers get nothing AND lose trophies.