So this happened just now


Looks like a leak from Ludia. The name of the dino says Metriachantosaurus Gen2, so we might see two new dinos with that name.


Did you catch it?

Hey, I can’t help but notice the infinity symbol in the time bar. Potential new tutorial dino?


No, I was trying to grab an einosaurus when this popped up. I could navigate to other tabs but had to crash and reopen to get out of this screen.

Oooooo, I liked Metriacanth on JWTG. Hopefully one of its gens is an epic.


This is really interesting.


Got the same screen a few days ago it was all stuck

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The metricantosaurus is the Jurassic world evolution BURPasaurus! Anyone who plays Jurassic world evolution will know what i’m talking about! Lol


Went hunting recently when I was a bit confused to see this:

The screen was a mess, but on the top there it was: Metriacanthosaurus Gen 2

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During my travel suddenly the game froze during darting due to weak signal/bug and when I noticed the information it was all out of ordinary.

Darts : 0999, Dino : Metriacanthosaurus Gen 2, Battery : Infinity.

This has been reported to occur before and my guess is that it is an internal name for testing. It’s probably some kind of glitch due to connection or other server issues.

Im way more curious how youre showing infinite battery

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That’s why I took a screenshot no one would believe me without proof

It’s most likely a placeholder like in every game but Metriacanthosaurus would be a cool addition to the game. :t_rex:

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So would Acrocanthosaurus.

And Saurophaganax.

If it is for testing as stated above, then it is only a visual glitch…

Game went into a glitch and this screen showed up. Metriachantosaurus gen2!?

That’s an old glitch.