So this happened today


First ever one spotted for me… like I’m level 11 and had yet to discover this one… finally it showed up… just out of range and I was at work so I couldn’t leave to nab some of its dna… quite salty about it still


That’s the rarest dino for me. I loved using it in battles but it’s been stuck at a 16 forever because I only see one about once a month.


I was shocked to see it… pissed I couldn’t get it


Some of the dinos are local specific and Sinoceratops can be found in Local 1.
Check metahub Spawn Mechanics Post 1.3 update guide for the details.

I have had better luck finding some of these in the past few weeks in a Local 1 area near my place.


Dang, I got lucky and found one today. The third one to pop up at my house since the update lol. Party at my place.


I’ll bring beers and let’s party together :rofl:

@ThatAngryGinja I haven’t Sinoceratopo in my collection yet… stuck at 134/150, never seen her in the wild, this DNA comes from incubators and the worst thing is that I don’t have Local 1 in my nearby… I need to explore more if I want her!


Caleb, what city do you live in? I find your map intriguing.

Also, I have to say this, anytime I see your pic I think about Justin Bieber :joy:


I said this the other day! Are you secretly Justin Beiber?


Right as i’m typing this a sinoceratops pops up :joy:

@Jer I live in the 63rd largest city in California, Clovis. Within the 200 meter promixity of my place, I have 5 to 6 supply drops that will spawn dinos. Vip distance to dart from the couch. I get the bieber reference everywhere. Even had to write it in my bio lol

@Heather shhh don’t tell everyone my secret :wink:


Before the update I had only ever seen 2 sinoceratops. Since the update I find one every day or two and even have gotten my utahsinoraptor to 20 and started fusing utarinex.


No way. I have never seen it in the wild :weary:


I have seen Sinoceratops 2 times at wild, both of them at my house!


“I live in the 63rd largest city in California…”

This guy lives in California…and there’s only TWO dinos on the map. How are you not overpopulated by these things?!


Um, it was part of a park event a few weeks ago so thats how I got it. That said, never seen it in the wild before!


I know right? Usually at night doing a 360 spin, Id just see one dino at night. Makes hunting at night unenjoyable, and I usually can only hunt at night … :tired_face:

I can see 50 supply drops around me if i literally spin


Same here. Unless I’m at the park which isn’t too far but far enough that I can’t dart from the couch, the spawns are very minimal. I’ve only seen sinoceratops once in the wild. I also live in California.


Would happily trade both for one sinoceratops lol


That’s just messed up. Were the spawns more plentiful when we got the 3.15 update? I know they were here and it was great, but they really dipped back down.


got some of its DNA in a 24h incubator yesterday… Just not quite enough, ARGGG!


Do you know where i can find a Sinoceratops? I just need one more and I’ve got it.