So this happened...😂


So was battling last night to fill my empty incubator slots and then this happened…EPICNESS!!! I’m TaterTot. My mind was blown that I came across someone with a matching name!! So, where ever you are my friend, nice to meet you!!! Lolololol :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Better than the usual 99 Problems complaints about nothing littering the forum.


This made my day :joy:




I’ve fought both of you before, have fought Ketchup twice actually. Lol


I like this post. Eff that hater


Thank you! I just thought it was funny and wanted to share my little laugh. :blush:


If your SO concerned about this topic pushing “important” ones down the list, why did you comment??? You do realize that by commenting you pushed it right back to the top of the list, riiiiiight??? :smirk::rofl::rofl:


I know, I’m a gigantic nerd!!! It’s ok, I accept the nerdy life :rofl::rofl:


Oh my…colonbutter, huh? That’s, just, wow…don’t think I can even think of a response…to each their own??? Lmao!!!


Really hope no one keeps replying to this every few hours to keep it up near the top that would be so childish :grin:


I really hope so too.
that would be so … Evil



If they start teams I will rename mine to Cheeseburger search out mustard ketchup and mayo with tatertots on the side!


I’m Eeeevil evil I tells ya!


Last time I said that name my post got permabanned!


Can’t believe someone flagged that :joy:


The movie was PG13 tho! I really hope I don’t have to start making sesame Street memes…
I mean I will if it comes down to that but hopefully not


Sesame Street memes… that’s commitment if I ever saw it.




That’s so cute!! I’m so glad to see this.