So this is frustrating for a collector

So my goal in the game isn’t to be the best or anything. I just want to have all the creatures. Even the stupid mammal things that I’ll never use.

So I have WASTED all of my sanctuary items on the following for months now.

  1. Turtle
  2. Mammoth
  3. Rhino
  4. Snake (once we find it.)

So back to what I was saying, look how close I was to unlocking this useless thing! Then 1.12 dropped yesterday. I got a 10 fuse yesterday, imagine that right? Today I will create it after completing my daily missions.

Guess what? Now it’s the grind for the last 3 creatures. A snake that’s exclusive and it’s 2 stupid twin hybrids. Ugh!!!

Can we please have some dinosaurs again?



We’ll get them. This past year has been the year of cenozoics. It’ll all come round again.

Update! New creatures!

…and the new desirable creature is… dun dun done… NOT available!



That’s an assumption I believe, not based on any fact. For all we know they’ll start adding water creatures, then each update will have a chance at dinos, cezonoics, flyers, and sea creatures, and so on.


Yes, it is just an assumption. But it would make some sense since we went from dinosaurs, to pterosaurs, to cenozoics. The next logical release could well be aquatics.

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Have really bad luck fusing Monolorhino with 7 10s and 3 20s. Due to daily reward and FIPing I’m able to fuse each day now.

New snake exclusivity or lets say mythical status currently is ridiculous too. At first this maybe was great option to battle cheaters, now it’s only big frustration for all of us that still play this game.

Collectors need to FIP these creatures for months and can’t focus on their team. If you can’t lvl team creatures is also less likely that you will spend money on boosts.

With exceptions of some top players, most players in higher arenas are unable to add new hybrids to team, cause they can’t bring it to team lvl.

New players face impossible mission to get these hybrids, when they usually struggle with easier ones. So they just question themselves: “Why I should even bother with this game?”.

Mammoth again went missing. Some of us can’t hunt many of these epic creatures with limited time appearances, cause we have much less spawns than US, Canada and some other big countries, cities.

Many players have only real joy in creating these new creatures.


My Rhino hybrid is on the home stretch 200/250 but boy am I sick of FIPing it. My heart sank when I saw the epic snake was another event exclusive … FIP to 15, then FIP the legendary to 20 +fuse materials :weary: Don’t mind grinding - like we had to for turtle (preferably not park bound; Mammoth was good, shame it was time limited) - but I want to hunt not FIP. FIP should be a “top-up” not the primary way to get there.


Or make sanctuaries spawn your creature when they return. So that way we can dart them everytime they return. Really it’s too much.


Come on people! We all know that the best bit of this game is grinding sanctuary DNA!


Cenozoic World Alive.

Remember when this game was about dinos, good old times.


Soon it will be about sea creatures (hopefully)


Also, I think we will be getting a giant sloth, a wolf ancestor, a bear ancestor, and maybe a giant kangaroo Aswell.n

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Any prehistoric creatures are good. More dinosaurs, pterosaurs and marine reptiles would be great. We’ve just had a year of mammals. Let’s see what this year brings us.


So no Dodo then? :frowning:

Cenozoics are awesome! Very impressive looking creatures. Although I find some, like snake an Megaloceros to be too similar to current living beasts. Same problem with crocs though.

Don’t forget that the amount of creatures that are actually dinosaurs was marginal, even before cenozoics were introduced.
I think what most people mean in this case is “anything that got extinct at or before the mass extinction event 65+ million years ago”.
But why? What’s wrong with 1 million years ago?


Nope, because dime, koola, and sarco, have been a thing since launch.

I’d not have a problem with a Dodo. Would be awesome to see one take down a T Rex :rofl:


Dodorex plz


Keledodo. Cuz it sounds like Killer Dodo


Yeah I would like a Dire Wolf :slight_smile:


I’m the same way. All I ever do lately is grind the sanctuaries for the dinos I need. I’m so bored of it. Even when I go out hunting, it’s the same dinos over and over again.

Ludia really need to stop with the exclusives, and give us a reason to actually go out - which is supposed to be what this game is all about.