So this is Ludias solution to wrong tournament rewards?!

I was at 345 trophies, yet my rank was showing in the 20xxx range. Only showed 10 HC.

And now I’m only able to be refunded my entry fee?

Come on.

What a waste of time that tournament was for some us!



That’s pretty outrageous.

But, not shocked.

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Yeah… I’d say that was an F+ response

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I haven’t even gotten a response back from support about the tourney problem. That’s a real kick in the pants type solution tho.

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According to my 5 seconds of research, I should have at least received 200 HC as I was just outside of top 500.

Is it really going to break your made up digital currency bank to make a small guesstimate and award me with the proper HC?

Little things like this go a LONG way, right now I feel like I was slapped in my face.


I sent screenshots of my medal count and the position on the leaderboard that medal count would have put me in. I really hope they don’t do me dirty like that. I made it as easy as I could for them to compensate me correctly.

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I wouldn’t hold my breath but good luck to you

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Cautiously optimistic… but I know the history of this company


I got the same response just the entry fee refunded. I’m sure everyone who had the issue will get the same response.

Pathetic response from them.

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It’s Ludia so I’m not surprised… :man_facepalming:

Was this post really just hidden by the community?

if you mean the screen shot, probably not.
but private emails are not allowed on the forums.
you can summarize what they said tho. that apparently is allowed. but not a direct quote or screen shot.

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I told you all that is what would happen.


They pulled my Season 5 rewards because I did not open it within 6 days. Rather than sending it out again and giving me a “reminder” to open them promptly, they spent the time to tell me that I am out-of-luck.

For an Epic Incubator with virtual intangible DNA with no value to Ludia!!!

That was over a year ago. Deleted VIP immediately, became totally F2P, and encouraged everyone I know that played (OK, just 3 people) to avoid spending any cash.


Sigh… only my entry fee was reimbursed. That’s really disappointing since I battled up into top500.
I guess the lesson here is if the leaderboard doesn’t recognize you, don’t waste your time in that tournament. Feelsbad

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That’s really disappointing. When I’ve contacted them in the past, support have been really good to me. Now I’m just feeling glad that the game did eventually pick up my trophy list before the tournament ended.

Sorry to hear about those who didn’t receive their rewards.

Wow, that happened? That really sucks.

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It’s a real shame. And they have not even refunded my entry fee. I will not play more tournaments from now on. They do know how to drive players away from their game…

You want to know what else is a shame, my follow-up response I got in my in-game mailbox, I’ll share the jist of it in a bit, unbelievable.