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So... this is the Aviary?


Hey there, sir! You’re the first one I encounter here! How are you? I came to take a look around. Nice place! Seems cozy… Battle? Who said anything about a battle? I’m just dropping by. I was in the neighborhood you see… Well, I’ll be on my way back home now. Nice to meet you, sir. Bye!


:rofl: I know the feeling!

It’s crazy how you can be matched against lvl 27-29 dinos one match and lvl 22-24 dinos the next match. You’ll bounce back and forth for a little while, but eventually it’ll let you stay :grin:


proceeds to walk back to Lockwood


You got to walk back to Lockwood? When I first made to to Aviary the 4500 bouncers had a nice “X gonna give it to ya” montage while they put me back into Lockwood battered and bruised.

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It’s a pretty brutal welcome in the aviary :s. Don’t worry Arnold, it’s hard but pleayable here, you just met one of these high level monster who climb down to gain trophies I guess ;). I’m around 4900 and just saw a level 29 raptor one time… a player with level 29/30 team XD. Well, and the RNG gave him favor against me to add some fun to the slaughter. I suppose the main players around 4500 use now level 22/24 legendaries and maybe uniques…


Anyway, your funny message was great and made me smile :). Good luck, you’ll be back among the majestic bird very soon, sure !!

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I actually won the battle because the opponent left or disconnected. As you can see by my selected dinos, Lv22 is my highest. His other dinos where level 26… I should have been utterly destroyed :joy:


This was yesterday at 4360 trophies. I cried. They had a lvl 26 Thor and Utarinex too. I actually almost beat them, but wasn’t lucky enough.

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Happy for you that technical issue save your team from massacre ;)… the player I was talking about inflicted me a 3-0 XD. No mercy, each time I could take one of its dino, he retired it to launch another monster… and I lost 45 trophies for this XD.


That’s ridiculous. I can’t stand arena droppers for this very reason. Brace yourself though. It’s only going to get worse. Everyone is dropping now so they can get “easy” wins once the alliance rush starts on Friday :roll_eyes:

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Level 24-26 are pretty common above 4300… I beat three of those in a row and that’s how I “accidentally” reached Aviary :sweat_smile:


I ran into so many droppers over the weekend. This was the worst one, but I fought a lot of people with lvl 26 teams. :confused:


Well, I don’t know what’s the motivation for them, I suppose each has its own reason to loose time dropping down and then spread violence and bloodshed on lower players who have no chance to really compete. Gaining incubators sobeasily it’s no fun ? Targetting specific DNA ? Well, I just accept there are some fights I just can’t win and try not to make myself sick, as I did in the past, insulting the players and putting curse on the game XD.

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Some of them are just bad players.


there’s actually many reasons to drop. first and foremost you have to wait up to 6 minutes to find a game sometimes and if you don’t you get matched with a bot. also, irritator. and the new alliance things are now an added incentive. blame ludia.

also, super high level indoraptors should not be a surprise. we’ve had at least 3 chances to dart it. 5 chances recently at IREX, 1 or 2 more. plus you can get 100 trex a day from missions, it’s a global any time spawn now, and we’ve had probably 50+ chances to dart it. especially if people don’t have tryk or erlidominus.

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CleverBoy, where the dropping players hope to catch irritator ? I never gained the DNA related to the “so-called” arena exclusive…


I drop often - my reason is to use dinos that are different and fun, with move sets that all my high level dinos don’t have. I’ve just been playing my proceramimus, nodopato, grypolyth (which is useless in aviary, but can be fun in lockwood), edmontoguano, etc…

I hang out for a while, but then yes, when I want to go back up I put in my A team and bash right on up. shrug I never do it just to thrash on lower level players, but rather to have fun and shake things up in my game!


Irritator is the Badlands (2000-2499) dino.


also there are runs of bad RNG. you can get matched against much lower players who will get 9 dodges and crit every attack. the game will treat you like you are bad and take 50 trophies from you. this happens a few times in a row, you can gonna drop far.

then play against people who will whine about your dino levels. while the people with gifted wins can skyrocket up where they don’t belong, and guess what? they complain about dino levels. meanwhile, you’ll string together legit wins where many times you only get single digit trophies so it can be hard to climb back up.


That’s what happened to me, but I’m not complaining about it… Just joking about it :joy:

But there are many situations where it’s the higher level that “don’t belong” there… In these situations I don’t blame players who complain about it