So this is the game now

We have to assume (since there is no evidence to the contrary) that we are stuck with stupid matchmaking and boosts. Love them or hate them, this is the game now. I think many will agree when I say it is not the game I started playing - but that debate is not the point of this post. I want to know how this current situation may change your play and/or end game goals. I still want to create all dinos in the deck, but other goals have been wiped away by the new changes. Most of those goals related to leveling up what I found to be hard to make uniques so I could try and climb the leader board. Boosts killed all that for me. I have only ever spent minimal $$ and had a strong sense of satisfaction for doing as well as I did for not spending a ton of dough. Now you basically HAVE to spend to keep up.

I’m hoping to make geminititan next week, if I can find enough diplo out there. (30/250 right now). I’ll also get my indo to L29, but honestly, after those things there will be very little to keep me coming back other than habit. A habit built up over 5+ hours a day for the last 365+ days in a row. That’s already fading though. It’s much easier to not sit around and battle, and it takes a little more motivation every evening to get up and out for my daily coin limit.

That’s it for the more sober, thoughtful post from me. I’ll now return to my cynical, salty ways and continue to remind Ludia how much they suck and have trashed this once great game every chance I get.


Where are you expecting to get diplo from for Gemini?

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Yeah where is this diplo next week

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You are correct it will remain like this now until Ludia has milked it dry and their contract with Universal runs out and then hopefully Universal will award it to a different gaming company that actually cares.


@StoneCutter @SwedeHollow

The hybrid pursuit. Diplo should be out and about next week for it.


Of course. I completely forgot about that. Hopefully I’ll actually see one. :crossed_fingers:

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I probably wouldn’t care half as much about boosts if “team power” matchmaking actually worked. Or maybe it does work and they purposely match you with massively more powerful players so that you buy boosts.


Boosts are here to stay.
Match making?
They kinda have to fix that.
Pay to lose is NOT a good business strat.


No kidding, right!? Then again… Ludia.

Yeah I don’t mind boosts that much. Well not nearly as much as matchmaking. Its the one thing that can get me to come here mad and say things like “trash”.

I hope they aren’t matching us up with higher dinos on purpose to buy boosts. They won’t help btw! At this point I’m afraid to improve my team anymore. If they think I’m equal to lvl 28 boosted dinos what will it think if I improve my team?

Better to stay lower with less boosts so you don’t go up against lvl 30 boosted dinos.

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This is the sad state of affairs. Progress is punished.


Couldn’t agree more. Ludia has got to be the one of the most greedy, stubborn devs out there


This hasn’t been the game i started playing for a long time. When i first started, you could sweep a team with vraptor. It’s not even the game we had after vraptors got wiped out in one update because a lot of people benched Stegodeus now. It has always changed every few months.

True, but the basic idea of hunting dinos, leveling them up, and then progressing in the arena was always there through the varies metas. I don’t see that anymore.


Dinos should come and go,

But, boosts are here to stay.

Sure, they can and will probably NERF dinos we boosted.

And they will earn more money when forcing everyone in a new fixed direction.

I’m still hunting and leveling dinos. My Thor just got to 29 last night. Leveling up is like a free boost. And there’s a big difference in my 26 Magna versus a 30 Magna. I still have work to do on my team. Unless you have a full team of 30s, hunting and leveling is still important.

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My unboosted 26 magna got it’s butt handed to it by a boosteroided 22 Magna…

I always like what you have to say, and see your point of view, but I’ll continue to respectfully disagree.

(PS. I still remember ages ago getting smoked by your L30 posti. Since my tryo reached 30 I was starting to level up my posti, but, well - you know what happened.)

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I’ve come to the conclusion that they don’t know how to fix things. I’ve watched and heard about so many top team players drop into Lockwood and beyond. Ludia is like a little kid that was playing with matches and now half the house burned down. How much more advice needs to be given by some of us in the community that truly know more than they do? I’m still holding on to some hope that the freeway and the route through town get merged.


How has it changed my play? I uninstalled.


Many of us are considering that path as well.

Most of the latest changes stink like corporate. I doubt any game developer worth half a cent would make these kinds of playerbase killing choices.
And every good thing feels rushed, like the alliances lacking any means for internal management, and seem to never get fixed.

This game had a great start, it had a lot of potential and even helped me make the choice of finally quitting both Ingress and PoGo. Now it looks like they are afraid of the HP one and trying to milk this as hard as they can before they close up shop, when they could easily fight with game quality.

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