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So this is the wooly rhino week?

How many have you found yet?
I have found plenty of epics but no one was a wooly rhino…
Just to be sure if that wasn’t a bug as the titanoboa one.


Done 2 epic scents to no avail. The game says rhino is out, but it is rarer than other epics that usually spawn

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In 2 days:i found
5 anky
3 concavenator
1 Erliko
1 darwin
1 T-rex
3 sino
1 carbo
So,i might think there is nothing and it is a bug as it was for the titanoboa week or the blue week

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Got one on a Giga Scent today. It was enough for the final fuse to get my Keratoporcus to fusion level.

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I found 4 so far, they are out but man they are like so rare (like other epic hybrid pursuits have seemed).

I got a bunch of stigy, ourano, pachy, grypo, euclado, and smilodon, but no rhino. But that doesn’t mean they’re not out there

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4??how have you find them??

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Went out for coins last night and did not see any. Got home and my girlfriend said there was one in the yard. Haha.


Got 2 from a giga scent and 2 wild ones. Lol

Ok,so it mean they are out and it is possible to get them


I used a giga last night and I got 3 anklylosaurus and a Purutaurus. Still good but not what I was looking for.

I’ve got a little rhino saved up. I’m debating leveling it up for tournaments or holding out on the pig rhino hybrid. Monolorhino is level 22 and I don’t plan on using it.

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Yeah. But when it’s an exclusive you rarely find them but if it’s something like indoraptor pursuit you’ll see epic Rex everywhere lol

well at looking it,monolorhino is an end game thing atm.
Depend if you wish to earn more on gemini tourney or the ladder.

The blue week ,for 100 epics,0 blue
For titanoa,for over 100 epics,2 titanoboa.
I mean:lots of people had complain about it:
If the probability is close to 0 ,then don’t announce it.
It give false hope to people


I got 1 from a Giga scent today.

Damn,you are lucky aswell.
For moment:3 giga scents today,plenty of epics:0 rhino :frowning:

I’m thinking on leveling it too if I get enough dna, lol

I just don’t want to use Cenozoic hybrids on my arena team :joy: so I level the unique ones to 22 and stop. I’ve dumped some extra into the pig rhino for the hybrid. Just waiting for it. I’ll probably just level the woolly rhino itself.

So I can only take the rhino to level 21 at the moment. But looks like I’m ready for the rhino pig hybrid.

1, just out of range… smh