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So this is what "real" support reply will be


Finally got one relpy… after waiting for 10 days.

Must say, keep players waiting without any reaction for over a week is awful. Although you don’t want to be like that at all, and just stick by too may reports and short-handed.

While some bugs happened, and might influent many players, it should be an announcement on your website and facebook, twitter… etc. Also a letter to mailbox in game to explain what happened, and how will you deal with victims.

These notifications can insure everyone knows what happened, and avoid lots of trouble. Release some first
compensation like a little special incubator might also temporarily appeace players.

Hope it won’t be another 10 days to solve this problem. This is how it feels like.


Bahaha that’s an awesome response!

Though it’s crap having to wait that long, it’s actually pretty fast for an mmo style game… you should try out the joys of raising a ticket in WoW or SWTOR :scream:


Hello fellow swtor player! Game still alive? :raising_hand_woman:t2:


In another game it taken me 2 months to get answer, at least they are gast here.


Lol really? :joy:
I never got a support reply more than a week.
In other game I’ve played, customer service always respond my report in 3 days.
That’s why I can’t accept JWA spend 10 days to contact me, and been quite disappointed.

Hope these matters could resolve as soon as possible.


I had my game reset and lost all progress after a few weeks of playing so I submitted a ticket. It took eleven days to get my first response, which was basically “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”. I’m hoping I don’t have to wait another two weeks for a reply that’s actually helpful. By now I feel like I should have just started over and could have caught up again. I did spend some real money on the game though and had gotten a bunch of rare incubators.