So this just happened


Wow, that’s gotta feel good or at least it will in a day or two. Grats.

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Nooooooooooooooooo!!!nnnnnnoooooonpnonononononono!!! One just turned into a 3 hour incubator. I knew it was weird to get them in back to back games but didn’t think they’d take it back!!! I know the trophy count from the screen shot after game 2 shows the level after game 1 but my trophy count lags right after matches a lot but always catches up (for better or worse, lol)

What’s the best way to report this? The help topic on this forum or another way? Wish I could transfer this straight to that topic. Getting 24hr hour incubators from battling is my favorite part of this game, but now this time feels like :poop: lol

@MementoMori That second 24hr incubator was a visual glitch. It didn’t turn into a 3hr, it was a 3hr but was displaying incorrectly. Probably because you had gotten a 24hr previously.

Thanks for breaking down what happened and I do get that. The bad thing about that “visual glitch” created the very real expectation that I’d have 2 of them to open. A user’s experience isn’t defined by what’s happening with the underlying code, but by the GUI.

Guess I should thank the game for that one moment when I felt on top of the JWA F2P arena rewards system world. Back to back 24hr incubators made me feel like maybe the world isn’t such a bad place after all and that the forces of good and justice really could someday prevail. Then I reopened my app just to admire those 2 beautifully gleaming, amber jars once more… If only I’d been sitting when my newly found tower of hope turned into a tower of lies, crumbled and came crashing down all around me :scream::expressionless::joy::rofl::rofl:

I wasn’t actually mad yesterday but opening the 24hr box that wasn’t an illusion just made me a little sad. grypo and brach as the 2 epics. Even the rare and common DNA weren’t great. It was mostly that donkey looking one that’s like the iguanadon but rare. But hey, I just saw that there are new rare and epic strike events out, so that’s pretty cool :sauropod::+1:

There are actually two “donkey looking ones” as you put it: Edmontosaurus (looking over it’s shoulder to the right) and Tenontosaurus (looking straight ahead off to the right). They aren’t that impressive but both do have swap in stun which could prove useful in the lower arenas. Of the two I’d prefer Edmontosaurus as it has strike and run as well as Greater Stunning Impact rather that Greater Stunning Strike (1.5x damage as opposed to 1x damage with both having a 75% chance to stun).

Word, those are the ones. Both have equally awesome stats when it comes to being terrible :joy:

Lots of people were up in arms when they didn’t get a free tourney 1 Epic incubator when that glitch happened. I think my claim would be on much more solid footing than that, especially because I happened to grab screenshots.

For the record, I didn’t get a free reward package from Torney 1, but my wife did and I was excited for her.

I’m obviously not that concerned since I haven’t created a request. Easy come, easy go but I do hope they’re able to fix that particular bug when time allows.